Frank Zumbo Wife Name Revealed: Who Is MP Craig Kelly’s Advisor Married To?

After several allegations against Zumbo, people are curious as to who is Frank Zumbo wife. The allegation issue is now taken to the highest level of the Liberal Party.

Frank Zumbo is the office manager and a trusted advisor for MP Craig Kelly. He is under investigation after many young women accused him of inappropriate behavior at the workplace.

The allegations started to surface given the toxic workplace and inappropriate behavior towards women in the office.

Frank Zumbo Wife

Frank Zumbo prefers to keep the details of his wife away from the media.

It is unclear if Frank is married, single, divorced, or has a partner. Any information about Frank’s family, children, siblings, parents, and background is private as well.

Zumbo went to the University of New South Wales and graduated with LLM (Hons). He also has an LLB degree from Sydney and a BCom degree.

Frank Zumbo Wikipedia Bio

Frank Zumbo is not on Wikipedia, but one can read his bio on recent news articles.

Frank used to work at UNSW‘s School of Business Law and Taxation as an associate professor, and his articles are present on the school’s website.

Zumbo is active on Twitter with 329 tweets. He joined the platform in May 2015, but he was last active on Twitter in January 2019.

Meet MP Craig Kelly’s Senior Advisor

Frank Zumbo is one of the most trusted advisors of MP Craig Kelly.

Many young women accused Zumbo of behaving inappropriately at the workplace, but the MP did not take any action and continued to employ Frank. In the latest update about the allegations on Frank Zumbo, Senior Liberal, Kent Johns confronted Craig Kelly about the issues thrice, reports ABC.

The MP chose to ignore the questions about the allegations and denied any knowledge regarding it till the reports and news surfaced. Kent Johns did not receive any appropriate response after raising the issue of the allegations to many NSW Liberal Party members.


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