Gene Simmons had facelift surgery with his wife Shannon Lee Tweed in 2007. Here’s everything to know about his before and after hair transplant.

Gene is an Israeli-American singer and musician. Also known as The Demon, he is the co-lead singer and bassist of the rock band Kiss.

Here are some of his world-famous songs – I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Rock and Roll All Nite, I Love It Loud, etc.

Everything To Know About Gene Simmons Facelift Surgery

Not happy with his jowls, Gene Simmons had decided to undergo facelift surgery.

Surprisingly, his longtime partner, Shannon, had his back as she too decided to undergo a facelift. Well, there was a trend of couples undergoing surgeries at that time.

Moreover, the couples weren’t married yet but shared two children. Often, Gene described his relationship with Shannon as “happily unmarried.”

According to People, Dr. Frank Ryan had performed plastic surgery. Reportedly, Gene had to spend almost 11 hours on the surgery table.

Interestingly, Gene Simmons Family Jewels captured his pre-through-post-op moment. Later, Shannon refused to watch the tape, but Simmons watched it till the end.

The medical team had hoisted his jowls, liposuctioned around his pecs, and tweaked his eyelids. Finally, after a day, Dr. Ryan’s team successfully made his facelift and lower lid adjustment.

Although his now-wife wasn’t ready fully, she didn’t hesitate as she didn’t want her partner to look younger than her. Furthermore, their children were terrified when they found out the piece of news.

Before And After Surgery

Gene Simmons’ before and after pictures are available on Pinterest.

Moreover, Gene had his shared his photos of his swollen and bruised face online. After his pictures went viral, people believed that his surgery didn’t go well.

However, the rumors aren’t exactly true. Even before Gene’s facelift surgery, he had minor procedures to maintain his excellent look.

Did He Have A Hair Transplant?

We do not know if Gene Simmons had a hair transplant.

However, many have spotted him wearing wigs these days. According to The Talko, his hair looks unnatural.

Well, Gene has got his 2001-02 looks back. He seems pretty young, but we cannot confirm that he had a hair transplant.

Rumors surrounding Simmons’ sexuality are all fake. We can claim that the musician is not gay.

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