Hayley Warnes

Hayley Warnes is an actress known for her roles in Wonder Woman and Justice League. She was not a major part of these blockbuster movies but was in the background. More than acting, Hayley can be called a social media influencer. She founded a blog called Break the Loop which is all about fighting modernity and living a peaceful life in urban areas.

Hayley is a very creative personality. Her need to create something has led her to communicate with the world through her blog. The blog is about finding a little space for yourself to be at peace and reflect at life. She could be called a Tony Robbins lite version and when I say that, I am not mocking her. She is just different than Tony Robbins but I said lite because she is less famous than tony.

Quick Facts: Hayley Warnes

Name Hayley Warnes
Age 30
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 4 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Parents Under Review
Instagram @hayleyjanewarne

10 Facts About Hayley Warnes

  1. Hayley Warnes is 29 years old. She has that dazzling glow and looks beautiful with a wide smile.
  2. We don’t know when she celebrates her birthday every year.
  3. Hayley appeared on Wonderwoman and played the character of an Amazon woman named Aella.
  4. Warnes appears in movies in roles that require stunts because she is proficient in stunts.
  5. Hayley stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. We have no idea about her weight.
  6. Warnes also provides services to people in branding and designing web presence for creative online entrepreneurs.
  7. Hayley has a website that you can use to contact her if you need to work with her.
  8. Hayley is apparently married but we have no details about her husband. But they founded Break The Loop together.
  9. We have no idea about Hayey Warnes’s net worth or salary.
  10. Warnes is active on Instagram as “@hayleyjanewarnes” and has 12.2 thousand followers on the platform.


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