Hilary Geary Ross Age: 10 Facts On Wilbur Ross Wife

Hilary Geary Ross is a famous Businesswoman in America. She is an author and Philanthropist as well. She has written many books until now. The books that she has written show the people of arts, fashion, Hollywood, and politics as well. She has also written two books on the coffee table.

Hilary Geary Ross is well-known for being the wife of Wilbur Ross. They are together for so long, they got married in 2004. Wilbur Ross is the third husband of Hilary Geary Ross. She firstly married John W. Geary who died after some year of their marriage. Secondly, she got married to Peter Green and they divorced after some year and lastly, she got married to Wilbur Ross and they have a healthy relationship with each other.

Quick Facts: Hilary Geary Ross Age: 10 Facts On Wilbur Ross Wife

Name Hilary Geary Ross
Birthday July 4
Age 70 years
Gender female
Nationality American
Profession Philanthropist
Married/Single Married
Husband Wilbur Ross

10 Facts on Hilary Geary Ross :

  1. Hilary Geary Ross was born on July 4, 1950, at the present time, she has aged 70 years old.
  2. She is available on her Wikipedia but she doesn’t seem to be active on her Instagram and Twitter.
  3. She is a philanthropist and she has gained lots of fame being that besides that she is also a writer who has written famous books.
  4. Hilary Geary Ross is married, his husband is Wilbur Ross who is a famous financier and an industrialist as well.
  5. Moving on to her net worth and salary, he has been living a luxurious life with her husband but has not revealed the total net worth.
  6. Hilary Geary Ross along with her husband Wilbur has received many awards.
  7. Although, it has been so long since they married we are unsure whether they have children or not.
  8. She is well-known for her work in Palm Beach People and New York.
  9. Hilary Geary Ross has opened up much on her family and her children.
  10. We are unsure from where she completed her education


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