Homer Murray

Homer Murray is a well-known actor who has been involved in the film industry for almost a decade now. He found his deeply rooted passion and talent for acting from a very young age. He made it in the industry by starting in small roles and TV commercials.

Homer Murray is mostly known for his amazing performance in movies like “Broken Flowers.” Homer Murray has a lot of fans and followers who have been supporting him since day one of his career. 

Quick Facts: Homer Murray

Name Homer Murray
Birthday 1982
Age 38
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession actor
Parents Bill Murray, Margaret Kelly
Net Worth 1 million dollars
Married/Single Single

10 Facts on Homer Murray

  1. The detailed date of birth for this actor has not been determined, but he was born in the year 1982, which makes him the age of 38 years old.
  2. Homer Murray was born as well as raised in The United States. He was born into a family where his parents were Bill Murray, Margaret Kelly.
  3. Coming from a family where almost everyone is involved in the show business, Homer Murray knew acting was the career he wanted.
  4. According to his Wikipedia page, his measurements like his height and weight are unknown.
  5. Homer Murray is rarely active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc now. 
  6. Any information on the dating life of Homer Murray has not been received. Currently, he might or might not have a girlfriend.
  7. Besides acting, Homer Murray is also an amazing chef who has great knowledge of food and cooking it.
  8. All of his salary and brand endorsements have not been counted, but his net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars.
  9. Homer Murray also has famous actor cousins named Louie, Annie, Gus Murray. The group of cousins is very close to each other.
  10. The rumor has it that Homer Murray has signed many movies in the upcoming years where his career will form beautifully.


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