Kim Plath is a popular reality TV star from the television series ‘Welcome to Plathville’. She has been getting a lot of attention from the audiences after her appearance in the series.

The show is all about the life of Kim Plath and her husband Barry along with the lives of her nine children. Below are some interesting facts about Kim Plath of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ you may love to know.

Quick Facts: How Old is Kim Plath? Facts To Know About Welcome To Plathville Season 2 Cast

Name Kim Plath
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Reality TV star, Naturopathic doctor
Married/Single Married
Husband Barry Plath
Children 9
Facebook @Kim Plath

10 Facts on Kim Plath

  1. Kim Plath is already a mother of 9 children out of which only three of them are adults and the rest are minor.
  2. The Plath family is very fond of music and they even perform as a gospel music group. The family calls themselves the Family Band with Kim and Bary as the leading member.
  3. Kim is married to Barry Plath for 22 years. They have been living very happily since their marriage.
  4. It is very interesting to know that the children of the Plath family do not go to a public school. Instead, they are homeschooled as Kim is highly educated and is capable to instruct her own children.
  5. Besides a TV reality star, Kim is a naturopathic doctor. Her clients contact her in her home office and she has even got a website for her medical interaction.
  6. Unfortunately, she lost her 17-month-old son Joshua back in 2008. It was Kim herself who ran the family’s car over her son accidentally.
  7. It was her husband Barry who encouraged her to get over the horrific tragedy that took place killing her son, told Kim in an interview.
  8. Her son Ethan married Olivia which Kim did not agree to. The couple got married regardless of Kim’s concerns.
  9. The actual age and height of Kim are not disclosed in any media yet. Anyway, based on her physical appearance, she is in her fifties with a height of about five feet and eight inches.
  10. Kim is available on Facebook @Kim Plath.
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