Marcus Cooper Jr Age is between 16 to 18 years.

Marcus Cooper Jr. is known to be the son of Pleasure P, whose real name is Marcus Cooper Sr. While his father is known for his music career, Marcus Cooper Jr is seen to prefer to live away from the spotlight.

Pleasure P is an American R & B singer-songwriter, who experienced success as a member of the group Pretty Ricky before embarking on a solo career in 2007 and His debut album The Introduction of Marcus Cooper was released in June 2009.

Marcus Cooper Jr Age

Marcus Cooper Jr. age has not been actually revealed but as per the assumption, his age must be between 16 to 18 years.

And he was born on January 18th where his father Pleasure P has posted a picture of him wishing him A birthday.

Pleasure P also previously mentioned his son in a 2009 interview and he told, “It’s such a meaningful song which has the perfect lyrics, and the vibe is just right, and he likes the way it motivates him to maintain a positive outlook for his kid’s life.

Pleasure P son Wikipedia

Pleasure P son’s Wikipedia has not been created under his bio but Pleasure P has resurfaced on the google web page.

It’s a kind of mystery that Marcus Jr. Mother is said to be Railey Smith Cooper by many social media news. But as Pleasure P Wikipedia only highlights his relationship since 2008 ahead and married his wife/ Girlfriend Railey in 2015.

It’s quite indifferent they must have had a son before their marriage or might have some other reason behind that has not been coming to the light.

However, Marcus Junior has become a father of his son recently and named him Amir Marcus Cooper.

His father was so delighted about the news that he posted the newborn picture on Instagram stating proudly to be the grandfather at the young age of 36.

Marcus Cooper Jr. Family

Marcus Cooper Jr. has not revealed much about his family and him in the media spotlight.

But as per his father bio on social media, he is living along with his father Marcus Cooper Sr., mother Railey Smith Cooper, His wife or partner who’s name is yet not unveiled and his newborn son Amir.

Although other information about his family and siblings has not come into the media limelight.

Marcus Cooper Jr. Networth

Marcus Cooper Jr. Networth has not been revealed as he seems to be very young.

His profession and career info has not been revealed yet. But as his father is the singer and record producer, he has been able to accumulate a modest fortune.

Pleasure is estimated to have a net worth of about $2 million. So, his son Marcus Jr. must have enjoyed his life beyond his father grace.

However, he is absent in his Instagram bio however his father once staged him on his birthday but it’s not discoverable but his father has one highlighted as @pleasurep.

Besides this, He has created a Twitter account as @yrkcheck but does not seem much active there.

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