How Supportive Is Your Sink TikTok Joke: Meaning Urban Dictionary

How supportive is your sink? I mean this sounds like a weird question but if you get the context behind this, it will be a bit easier for you to understand. I am not asking this question in a general everyday sense but through TikToker’s perspective.

Mow, you might already know what I am talking about if you are an avid TikTok user but might be confused if you don’t use TikTok that often. There is a challenge kind of video trend on TikTok that is centered around your sink. Yes, that’s right, your toilet sink.

What Is “How Supportive Is Your Sink Trend?”

The same thing goes for this TikTok trend as many other trends on TikTok that it’s just a random trend started by someone who was just messing around. The idea is that people film their sinks and show off how good their sink is. 

Furthermore, some people are comparing between two sinks where one of them is stronger and better while the other sink is clearly less qualitative. So, this trend started where people started showing off their sink and some people had high-end sink infused with technology and such.


This sink is pretty powerful ##meme ##sink ##water ##foryoupage

♬ powerful sink – _maxage_

As you see in this video, there are two sinks and one of them is clearly better than the other one. So, here the stronger sink is more supportive. In a similar manner, people have posted their pets bathing in the sink and many other things to make this trend viral.

In the end, the basic idea is to film your sink and make a weird joke out of something banal and everyday stuff which clearly has worked because the videos with “#sink” have been watched about 130 million times on TikTok.

How Supportive Is Your Sink? Is It A Joke?

Yes, of course, it’s a joke, people. There is no such as supportive sink which supports your mood swings and guides you spiritually or whatever. It’s just a reflection of our times when people are bored and would make a joke out of a random thing and just go with it.

However, I have to clarify that this trend is nowhere related to the viral TikTok video where one of the Wendy’s employees was seen taking a bath on the kitchen sink on Wendy’s. That’s a separate incident and has no relationship with this trend.

Moreover, people are seen giving relationship advice using this trend where a sink full of water is drained and at the end is a note which has a relationship tip written stuck at the base of the sink.

But, this is a joke and a pretty weird one. Some people might not find it very funny and some people might go laughing until they burst out in tears. it just proves that humor is subjective.

How Supportive Is Your Sink? Meaning in Urban Dictionary

The urban dictionary keeps track of new slangs and terms invented by modern people who aren’t so keen on using words such as erstwhile and henceforth. The idea of language is that it keeps on being new every time it’s spoken and slowly context is developed and meaning is formed.

So, what does the modern Urban dictionary say about the sink and TikTok and support? The word TikTok is a fairly new word and hasn’t been on a traditional dictionary. But the urban dictionary defines it.

But the urban dictionary doesn’t define this trend as a whole. If you are confused I will say it clearly. If you go to Urban Dictionary and search for the keyword “TikTok How Supportive Is Your Sink”, you will find nothing because the dictionary doesn’t contain whole phrases. But it defines TikTok and we all know that “How Supportive Is Your Sink?” is just a joke and a trend.



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