How To Get Free College Textbooks From TikTok and Reddit?

Social media platforms like TikTok and Reddits are filled with posts in which they show how you can get expensive college textbooks for free.

Are you confused about how to get free college textbooks from TikTok and Reddit? Paying for college tuition is already a really daunting task and buying expensive college textbooks can be another burden for your huge pile of financial problems. With all the coronavirus pandemic situations, the college season is back again.

Whether you are enrolled for the online classes or in-person classes, one thing you definitely need is textbook. College textbooks can be really expensive but only a few people know that they can download the pdf version of college textbooks for free. Yes, for free.

If you are still unaware of how to get pdf books for free then you have come to the right place. We have mentioned everything we know about how to get free college books based on the hacks provided by people on their TikTok and Reddits.

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Free College Textbooks TikTok and Reddit Trend Explained

TikTok and Reddits are sometimes filled with pranks or fake posts that might make fool of you. But this time they are not. People are actually sharing a very useful lifehack to make your life easier.

Many people are posting videos on TikTok saying that you will never have to pay for your books ever again because now you know where to download the pdf versions those books from without spending a dime.


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How to get Free College Textbooks from TikTok and Reddit?

This might sound a little bit confusing when you say you can get free college textbooks from TikTok and Reddit. Actually TikTok and Reddit is just a platform where people are sharing the tricks they use or the sites they go to get free textbooks. For getting free textbooks you would have to go to a certain website.

Most of the TikTok videos and Reddit posts mentioned the site called Library Genesis where you can get all kinds of books. People also mention that they have never failed to find the book they need, it has all kinds of books required for any field of study. 

Library Genesis is a website where you can find scholarly journal articles, magazines, general interest books, as well as academic course books.

This site provides open access to all of its contents that are not available in digital form elsewhere. Many of the books found in library genesis are paywalled in other official websites. Library Genesis is a links aggregator that provides a searchable database of the contents uploaded by its users or collected from other public sites. 


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Another most popularly mentioned free e-book website is Z-library. Here also, you can find all kinds of books.

Other similar free ebook sites are Bookboon, Openstax,, Free Computer Books, Many Books, Calameo Pdf Downloader, and many more.

Step By Step Guide to Download Free E-books

Many people have seen the videos on TikTok and also the links from Reddits to the websites from where we can download the pdf version of college textbooks for free but they wonder how to exactly use those sites to download the e-books.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you to more clearly understand how to get free college textbooks. The most common and widely used site is Library Genesis, so the steps below are for this site. However, other sites also have similar mechanisms to search for your books.

  1. First, go to the site ””
  2. Then on the home page, you will see a search bar. Type the name of the book you want. Include the author name also, if possible.
  3. A list of books with similar names will appear in the results.
  4. Click on the book you were looking for.
  5. Then click the title of the book again, and tap on the ‘Get’ button.
  6. The book now starts downloading automatically. Finally, you have the pdf of your desired book downloaded in your computer.

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