How To Morph On TikTok? Face Morph Filter on TikTok Explained

How To Morph The Face On Tik Tok? If you want to learn all about morphing your face on Tik Tok, you have come to the right place. And if you are thinking we are talking about literally morphing the face, you are kind of dumb. We are only talking about using the filter to give the virtual effect of morphing.

The face morph filter makes use of the face recognition technology to detect the face in the picture and then make a seamless transition between the pictures by making the face intact. it appears to keep the face intact and then upon transition of the pic, it appears so smooth and magical.


What Is Face Morph Filter? How To Get Face Morph Filter On Tik Tok?

Face Morph filter does exactly what you think it does. It morphs the 2 faces together and transitions the pictures at that point exactly. When this is done, you get a cool sense of flow.

Especially, when you use this filter to transition between someone’s picture over time, you really can see how much people change and how they still have the same face.


Mi evolución desde peque hasta la foto más reciente 😛 ##morph

♬ feeling – BCD Studio-LI


El glow up da bastante miedo la vd😂 Que Javi os gusta mas?🤪 INSTA➡️ Javieche02🔥 ##foryou ##morph ##glowup

♬ Pitbull Terrier – Die Antwoord

Just look at this video and tell me it does not appear cool. The face of the person still remains the same but the transition looks really smooth and cool. I guess this soothing effect really makes the video wonderful. That’s the reason videos with #morph have been viewed over 17 billion times on Tik Tok.

Now, if you need to find this filter, the steps are very easy.

  1. First, open the Tik Tok app and reach the recording screen.
  2. At the bottom of the recording screen, you will see 3 options: 60s, 15s and photo templates.
  3. Scroll across the Photo Templates section and you will find a filter right there.

Follow this tutorial if you are getting confused. It should be okay after you watch this video and read this article. You will be able to make the video much more easily.

How To Morph Two Faces Together?

In order to morph two faces together, you will have to use Face Morph filter. Duh! Obviously. But search the Photo Templates option and you will find an option called Face Morph. After choosing the filter, you will have to choose pictures for the transitions.

You can choose up to 5 pictures for morphing and automatically, the transition and morphing will be done for you. After you see the video, if you aren’t happy with the transition, you can change the order of the pictures or even change the pictures. After you get satisfied with the video, you can stop.

How To Morph Face With A Celebrity?

If you want to morph your face with a celebrity’s face, you can achieve that too. I am not sure how smooth and seamless that will be but you can certainly do it. All you have to do is choose your picture and one of the celebrity’s pictures.

Then apply the Face Morph filter on that. It really helps if your face is somehow similar to that celebrity. But one can use this filter to morph face with celebrities as well. It’s just the believability of the transition that’s under the question.

How To Morph Face on Face App?

Face App is an application on your phone that helps you make different versions of your own face. this app is different than the Tik Tok filter. You can create a version of your face with a smile, make it a bit more masculine and stuffs like that.

Furthermore, you can get an old version of your face, a feminine or masculine version of your face. See this video and you will have more insight into using Face App.


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