Howard Liebengood Wife And Family: Everything On Capitol Police Officer

Three days after the USCP riots and there are reports of the death of another off-duty police officer, Howard Liebengood. Even though the cause of death is yet to be disclosed, some reports on social media claim that it was a suicide. He died at the age of 51. 

The US Capitol police officer was not present inside the Capitol during the mayhem. He was off-duty. However, it is the second case of a dead USCP officer after everything went crazy in the US Capitol. 

Quick Facts: Howard Liebengood Wife And Family: Everything On Capitol Police Officer

Name Howard Liebengood
Age 51
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Police Officer

A veteran public servant, Howard Liebengood was in the USCP for more than 15 years. Reports confirm that he died on January 9, 2021. His family is yet to many any comment on his death. Celepie puts forward the deepest condolences to the deceased family. 

10 Facts on Howard Liebengood

  1. Howard Liebengood was a US Capitol police officer. He was off-duty during the day when riots took place inside the capitol. 
  2. However, Howard Liebengood died after three days after the incident. He was confirmed dead on January 9, 2021. 
  3. As for the cause of his death, an unconfirmed source says it’s a suicide. His family is yet to confirm it. 
  4. Speaking of family, Howard Liebengood used to live with his wife and children. Further info about his family is not available at the moment. 
  5. Moreover, Howard Liebengood was 51 years old. He joined the service in his mid-30s. 
  6. Sadly, you won’t find Howard Liebengood on a featured Wikipedia page. But his death has become a national concern given the circumstances. 
  7. Other information about his salary and net worth are under review for the time being. 
  8. Howard Liebengood was not present inside the US Capitol during the mayhem. 
  9. He was a part of the USCP for more than 15 years. 
  10. We forward our deepest condolences to his family. May his departed soul rest in peace. 


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