I Kinda Wanna Feel Again TikTok Song Lyrics Explained


“I kinda wanna feel again” is the song released with the title “Touch” by the famous musical project “Sleeping at Last” which consist of three artist Ryan & Chad O’ Neal and Dan Perdue originated back in the year 1999, Ryan leads them. This song falls under the album “Atlas II” which was released in the year 2019 and consist of twenty-five tracks. The crew has already released four albums and are known for deep meaning lyricism with soulful and slow songs that are meant to touch the soul of anyone they listen to. Recently, this song got viral in the famous shot video making app tiktok and people are really curious about the lyrics of this deeply meant lyrics. If you are willing to know how the writer thought of it then you don’t have to search it anywhere, we have it all here (thank you!!).

I Kinda Wanna Feel Again (Touch) by “Sleeping at Last” TikTok Song Lyrics Explained.

First of all, according to the songwriter Ryan O’Neal the main motive of this song is for sense themed song which means in his album he has songs each one dedicated for each senses of human body like Touch, Taste, Smell. Hearing and Sight (uniquely genius isn’t it?). The musical crew not only thought deeply about the lyrics but also the musical instrument to be used that can make impact and justify the song which is the reason why they chose piano, which is touched by our ten fingers (much touch receptive parts).

Let’s get into the Lyrics now, the first part of the lyrics “When will I feel this As vivid as it truly is” meant about the good aspects and bad expects which are to be fixed. Furthermore, the second part of the lyrics “Can we skip past near-death clichés Where my heart restarts, as my life replays? All I want is to flip a switch Before something breaks that cannot be fixed” the death part is meant to be exactly the way it sounds and the flip a switch mean preventing something to happen rather than learning a lesson from it. The third part of the lyrics meant we don’t get to choose what’s favorable for us and change causes us difficulties. The next part defines pain as gift marking that we are safe due to pain. The next part means the warning before the disaster in the form of siren before the rain. Finally, the last part was meant to be all those prayers that are answered.




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