Ida Bae Wells

Ida Bae Wells is a popular American journalist from New York, USA. She actually calls herself Beyonce of Journalism. From her Twitter bio, we get to know that she has been covering race news that has been occurring since the year 1691. Also, Ida is currently providing services at The Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting as their co-founder.

Quick Facts: Ida Bae Wells

Name Ida Bae Wells
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession Journalist
Twitter @nhannahjones

The main work of this organization is to raise various kinds of awareness as well as provide opportunities to journalists supporting justice journalism. Ida is actually an award-winning journalist who majorly covers the news regarding civil rights and racial injustice for the popular newspaper – The New York Times.

She has actually been a very inspiring personality for many journalists like her. She has even resided in Indiana, Georgia, Oregon, and North Carolina apart from just New York. Previously, she also provided her services for Durham Public Schools for The News and Observer where she worked for more than 3 years. 

10 Facts About Ida Bae Wells:

  1. Ida Bae Wells seems to be in her forties but we really have no idea about her exact date of birth. 
  2. We really have no idea about her height, weight, and other various body measurements. 
  3. She is an American citizen who was born in one of the states in the USA. Currently, she has been residing in Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
  4. Professionally, she is well-known as a journalist who has been covering race news that has been occurring since the year 1691.
  5. We really have no idea about her parents as well as her siblings. 
  6. The estimated net worth of Ida is currently under investigation. 
  7. We really have no idea about her love life right now. 
  8. It is believed that she completed her journalism degree from one of the universities in the USA. 
  9. Ida is active only on Twitter. 
  10. In fact, she has earned more than 363.1 thousand followers there. 


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