Indigo Raptor TikTok Live: Indigo The Raptor Hashtag Explained!

Indigo Raptor, a viral TikTok user went live on TikTok and shared some disturbing news about herself. Here is the hashtag explained!

Just in case, this article consists of a heavy behavior which may include topics like suicide and abuse. Make sure you are comfortable around such things before diving in. 

A few months earlier, a TikTok user called “Indigo Raptor” took the whole networking site by storm with her videos. The user was a member of Furry Fandom. 

For those who do not know, Furry Fandom is a subculture based on anthropomorphic animal characters who behave like humans. It is very famous in comic books and cartoons. 

Indigo Raptor TikTok Live Video

The TikTok account, Indigo Raptor was live to tell that she was committing suicide out of social media hate. 

However, the video has not been recorded or anything to prove the rumor. But a few members of the Furry Fandom are giving tribute to the user. Indigo Raptor, according to them, was an 11-year-old girl. 


🕊🥺❤ #🥺 #sad #black #love #you #so #much #foryoupage #fyp #furrylivesmatter #Indigo #rip #ripindigo

♬ dźwięk oryginalny – 🤍Indigo💙

Indigo The Raptor Hashtag Explained

Ever since the news, the hashtag #indigotheraptor has gone viral on TikTok. 

It seems like every other TikTok user is trying to pass their condolences to the Indigo Raptor who allegedly committed suicide. 

As understood by the new “Indigo Raptor” Tiktok account, the person committed suicide due to the hate messages on her social media wall. 

It is because many people are yet to understand and respect people who practice furry fandom. 


RIP Indigo Raptor. Prayers out to her family. #furry #ripinigoraptor #prayers #condolences

♬ original sound – user457385497828

Has Indigo Raptor really committed suicide? Death Hoax

Nothing conclusive is known about the topic until now. 

However, many people have anticipated her death to be a hoax. It may be the furry members trying to teach a lesson who pass hate messages about them. The live video didn’t provide any conclusive evidence that the user actually committed suicide. 

Hence, it is better not to make any conclusions until it is finally confirmed by the site officials. 


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