Have you guys been trying to video chat on Instagram but the call keeps failing? Here is why your Instagram Video call is failing.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media apps. It has been not so long that Instagram added a video call feature for its users. In this world where technology is thriving and developing so fast, we are now habitual to chat with people far away from us by making cross-platform video calls.

With other video calling apps like Skype, Google Duo, Zoom, Facetime, Viber, Messenger, etc. Instagram is also in the competition with this video call feature.

Lately, it keeps crashing down when we try to make a video call on Instagram and many users are complaining about this to the creators.

Video chat not working? from r/Instagram

Sometimes it may be a technical error of app while sometimes it might be some non-technical reasons on your device that make your video call feature on Instagram to fail. If you are also facing a similar situation, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we have explained why your Instagram video call is failing and how to fix it.

Why is Instagram Video call not working?

There are many reasons that can cause your Instagram video call feature to fail both on your iPhone as well as Android phones. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  1. The first and most important reason might be your internet connection. Before you try to start a voice call through your phone, make sure you are connected to an internet connection with sufficient speed.
  2. Another reason that causes video calls to fail on Instagram is if you do not follow each other. You must be fully connected on Instagram and both of you should follow each other back to be able to make video calls.
  3. Now the most common reason people are facing this problem is if you have not given the app permission to use the camera and microphone of your device. If you do not allow the Instagram app to use your phone’s camera then how do you expect to be able to share your video with the caller?
  4. Another reason can be if you have not enabled push notification for video chat or you might have accidentally enabled the ‘Mute Video Chat’ option.
  5. If all the above mentions reasons are not the cause, then probably it is a bug from the Instagram app developers’ end and not just your phone’s problem.

How to fix the ‘Instagram Video call failed’ problem?

Okay now that you know all the possible reasons why Instagram video call failed problem occurs, let’s get into how to fix this problem from your end.

As I said, you should get connected to a fast speed internet connection. Sometimes mobile data can cause a slow internet connection which is not enough for a video call. Also, make sure that the one you are trying to video call follows you and you follow them back too.

To allow the app permission to use the camera and microphone of your device, go to settings. Then find ‘apps’ and select ‘Instagram’. You may have the option to enable access to the Microphone and camera.

You can also try clearig all the app data from your phone’s settings.

Now, to enable push notification for video chat, go to your Instagram profile. Now tap on the menu option. Click settings and then tap push notifications. Finally, tick the ‘From everyone’ option under the video chats section.

Furthermore, if you have muted video chat then try disabling that option. For that, go to your Instagram home and tap DM icon (arrow) then select the person with whom you are not being able to video call. Then tap on that person’s name and make sure that you have not enabled the ‘Mute Video Chat’ option.

What to do if the problem is from Instagram’s end?

If you have tried all the solutions above but still you are not able to make video calls then it must be your app’s problem. Try uninstalling the app and download it again to make sure you have the latest updated version of the app. If you are still facing the same problem then report the bug to the app developers.

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