Is Braden Schneider Jewish? Facts on Ice Hockey Defenceman

Braden Schneider is the new name in the Ice Hockey as he is drafted by the New York Rangers in the 2020 NHL draft. The player who plays in defense has been selected by the Rangers as the 19th overall selection. The youngster is one of the elite prospects in Ice Hockey and has a long and excellent career ahead of him. 

Rumors may imply that the defenceman is Jewish. It is probably because Mathieu Schneider was one of the greatest Jewish players in the game. However, Braden is not his son, so there’s a fair probability that he may not be Jewish. For what is sure is, he is a promising young talent known for extraordinary interceptions. The player should make his way to the NHL and before he does that, here are the 10 facts to know about him. 

Quick Facts: Is Braden Schneider Jewish? Facts on Ice Hockey Defenceman

Name Braden Schneider
Birthday September 19
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Nationality Canadian
Profession Ice Hockey Player
Married/Single Unmarried

10 Facts on Braden Schneider

  1. Braden Schneider is a Canadian Ice Hockey player who is drafted by the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.
  2. Even though people think Braden Schneider is Jewish, the player is yet to open up about his religion. 
  3. Moreover, he is just 19 years old at the moment. 
  4. But the facts about his parents and family are not known yet. 
  5. The defenceman is a huge prospect and will surely be handed a handsome salary once he gets into the team. 
  6. Born in Canada, Braden comes from a native Canadian ethnicity. 
  7. As a player, he plays in the defense. The player is selected by the Rangers in the first round. 
  8. Braden Schneider is best known for his extraordinary skills in tackling and interceptions. 
  9. As a result, the defenceman has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography as well. 
  10. Unfortunately, the player doesn’t seem to have a social media presence as of now. He seems to have a tendency to privacy. 


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