Is Christian Porter Married? Wife Jennifer Porter And Allegations

Christian Porter was married to Jennifer Porter. However, the couple got divorced in 2020. 

Christian Porter is an Australian lawyer and politician. He is currently serving as the Minister of Industrial Relations. Furthermore, he is also appointed as the Attorney-General of Australia.

Recently, Porter made headlines after rape allegations started surfing in the news. What is the truth behind the story? We will reveal everything about the controversy in this article below!

Christian Porter Separation with Ex-Wife Jennifer Porter

Christian Porter’s separation with wife Jeniffer Porter occurred in November 2020.

Jeniffer is the grandchild of late Australian politician Sydney Ambrose Negus. Likewise, she tied the knot with Christian in 2008. In addition, Christian Porter has two children with Jeniffer: Lachlan Porter and Florence Stirling Porter. 

However, Jennifer isn’t Christian Porter’s first partner. During the 2000s, the politician was married to Lucy Gunn. However, Christian Porter got a divorce from Lucy due to personal reasons.

Christian Porter Rape Allegations

Christian Porter is facing serious rape allegations in 2021.

According to reports, Christian had raped 16 years old girl in 1988. Porter allegedly raped the girl during a high school debate tournament. Likewise, the complaint was filed in the New South Wales Police in 2020. 

The investigation was suspended as the victim took her life last year. Nevertheless, the investigation file was reopened after a letter was sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison. On the other hand, Christian has completely denied all the allegations.

Christian Bio and Family Details

Christian Porter’s family members include his parents: Charles “Chilla” Porter and Nerida Chayter.

Charles is a former athlete and politician. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020. In the same way, Christian’s grandfather is a renowned politician, Charles Robert Porter.

Following his bio, Christian Porter’s age is 50 years old. He was born on July 11, 1970. Furthermore, he attended the University of Western Australia and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Bachelors of Economics and Arts. 


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