Is Jake Gutierrez leaving 810 WHB? The news on the journalist is all you need to know about today.

Jake is a prominent journalist of the Sports Radio 810 WHB. He is popularly known for working in The Border Patrolas a producer, director, and engineer.

Guitierrez mainly expressed his thoughts about sports on the radio. Moreover, his followers have loved to listen to his view and critics on sports.

However, recently, there has been a rumor about the producer leaving his famous talk show. Let’s find out how much of the gossip about him is actually correct.

Is Jake Gutierrez Leaving 810 WHB? – What Happened?

Currently, Jake is facing rumors of leaving the talk show on 810 WHB, which he is popularly known for; moreover, his followers are concerned about what might happen with the famous producer.

Gutierrez joined the Sports Radio 810 WHB in October 2013. He has been in the station for more than eight years and has become a part of the radio family.

Jake is well-known for The Border Patrol. Regardless, is the rumors he is currently facing true?

Yes, Jake is departing from the 810 Border Patrol, and his friends have bid him farewell.

Gutierrez mentioned following up his heart and living his best dream after leaving. Currently, everyone is giving him best wishes for his new journey in life.

What Is Jake Gutierrez Age? Wikipedia Bio

Jake has not really opened up about his personal details to the public and is not on Wikipedia. He seems to be living his life in Kansas City at present.

Looking at him, he might be in his 40s. He completed his education at Western Illinois University in 2002 in activities and societies.

He began his career in sports broadcasting after completing his study. And he has been a successful sports journalist.

Find Jake Gutierrez On Twitter

Jake is active on Twitter with the user handle @Jake Guti. His account has not got verified yet.

Regardless, Gutierrez has 17.7 k  followers with 19k tweets. He joined the Twitter community in June 2009.

Moreover, he has described himself as the producer, director, engineer on Sports Radion 810 WHB in The Border Patrol.

Meet With Jake Gutierrez Wife-  Is He Married?

Jake has not really mentioned his marital life details. Moreover, the fact that he is married or not remains vague for the moment.

He has preferred to live a low-profile life; when it comes to his personal lifestyle. That being so, nothing much is available with him keeping lips tight.

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