James Van Der Beek is a successful American actor best known for his role as Dawson Leery on Dawson’s Creek, a television series that aired on The WB television network. The star has made appearances in some other famous tv shows. Some of them are Modern Family, One Tree Hill, and Ugly Betty. He also co-starred in the TV show ‘Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23’ as a fictional depiction of himself. James is currently a contestant on the hit TV series Dancing With The Stars. His success has led people to ask all sorts of questions about him such as ‘is James Van Der Beek gay?’ Luckily, all the answers are here.

What Is James Van Der Beek’s Age?

Van Der Beek was born on the 8th of March, 1977 in Cheshire, Connecticut. He is the son of Melinda, a former dancer and gymnastics teacher, and James William Van Der Beek, a cellular phone company executive and former professional baseball pitcher. James happens to be half Dutch and his last name means “from the creek”. There’s also some German and English blood running through his veins.

James is also he first of three children. He has a younger brother named Jared and a sister named Julian. Acting has always been a part of his life as he began acting when he was 13. This was after he incurred an injury playing high school football. At that point, he was advised by the doctor not to play for up to a year. During this waiting period, he landed a role in a school play called ‘Grease’ as Danny Zuko. From that moment, James Van der Beek developed a passion for acting and began to participate in local theatre.

James attended Drew University, a private university in Madison, New Jersey. He got through school on an academic scholarship planning to get a major in English and a minor in Sociology. Unfortunately, he dropped out to pursue his acting career when he got a role as the lead actor in the television series ‘Dawson’s Creek’. He is now popularly known for his role in this program which has secured him a bright career in the acting world.

Is James Van Der Beek Gay?

Every famous person has a rumor or two passed around about them, James is no exception on this front. People have always wondered if James Van Der Beek is gay. After all, there are some tell-tale signs. His bold, edgy sense of fashion, the somewhat graceful way he walks and sits and his mannerisms have made people question his sexuality.

In January 2008, James Van der Beek responded to the rumors. He revealed that he didn’t particularly care about the gay rumors. Nevertheless, the answer to the question ‘Is James Van der Beek gay’, is a ‘no’.

James is currently married to Kimberly Brook and the couple has 5 children together. They recently announced that they are expecting one more. Before this marriage, James was married to actress Heather McComb. Their marriage lasted for six years and their divorce was finalized in 2010.

One of the factors that may have contributed to this misconception about the actor is the role James played with co-star, Ian Somerhalder, in The Rules of attraction where the two shared a passionate kiss in one of the scenes. Ian admitted that this was one of his most challenging roles. Both James and Ian have made it perfectly clear that they are both straight.

It is not entirely surprising that there are rumors about James Van Der Beek’s sexuality; it has become common for people to speculate and theorize about the lives of celebrities and as such, he is not the only actor who has had to deal with false rumors.

What Is James Van Der Beek’s Height?

James Van der Beek is very athletic and well built, a body type that most young men are striving for. From his appearance, it is quite evident that the actor spends quite some time in the gym. In fact, his body may be one of the reasons that some people have tagged James Van Der Beek gay. He is 183cm tall and weighs 74 kg which is very proportionate and suitable for someone in showbiz.

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