Is Jeyjeygardi dead? No, Jorge Garay aka Jeyjey Death is a Rumor

Is Jeyjeygardi dead? No, Jorge Garay aka Jeyjey Death is a Rumor

Death hoax of celebrities is not a new thing and it has been circulating ever since the news media was created. Jeyjeygardi has become the victim of a similar hoax. He is not dead but the rumors of his passing away have spread all over the globe like wildfire. 

Quick Facts: Is Jeyjeygardi dead? No, Jorge Garay aka Jeyjey Death is a Rumor

Name Is Jeyjeygardi dead? No, Jorge Garay aka Jeyjey Death is a Rumor
Gender Male (Gay)
Profession TikTokers
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The TikTok creator is immensely popular and has millions of followers all over the globe. He has taken a short hiatus from social media which is why some of his fans may have though he is dead. A flurry of rumors and social media posts ‘confirmed’ that he passed away. 

Although the news is fake fans were incredibly concerned because the star had just been accused of sexual assault and harassment. The claims had not been proven and they had denied them fiercely. As a matter of fact,  he has deleted his Instagram account and taken a break from social media. 

Did Jeyjeygardi Die?

Jeyjeygardi has not died and is still alive as of August 2020. All the news of his death is all rumors and hoaxes spread by uninformed fans. 


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His last post on TikTok was on 22nd august and by 25th August a huge number of people online were already mourning his death. 

Celebrity death hoaxes are always popping here and there, especially if they remain inactive for an unusual amount of time. Many people speculated that he was dead and found under a bridge. As per the fake reports he committed suicide. This made the rounds on social media and became a viral piece of fake news.

Most people believed the news because it has been a pretty horrible year and celebrity deaths are just one of the things going wrong all over the world. 

The star’s absence from social media has been misinterpreted as his death. He also lives in one of the countries that the Coronavirus has worst affected, Spain. 

Due to the quarantine and a huge number of infections, the number of suicides has also risen and when the first false post of his suicide went online, the huge number of people believed it without any further questions. 

Jorge Garay aka Jeyjey Is Alive And Well

As mentioned above, the TikTok star Jeyjeygardi hasn’t died. As a matter of fact, he is well and planning some big videos on his social media. 


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In fact, Jorge Garay was born on November 30, 2001, and will celebrate his 19th birthday in November 2020. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Barcelona. His real name is Jorge Juan Garay Dicenta and he has a smaller brother named Lou Lou Gardi.

He has over 4.1 million followers on TikTok and has a huge fan following on all platforms. His account on Instagram was recently deactivated due to the scandal he and his boyfriend Benji Krol were involved in, read more below. 

Jeyjeygardi Was Accused Of Sexual Assault

JeyJey and his boyfriend Benji Krol were both accused of sexual assault and faced a lot of public backlash after this. Krol had to be hospitalized after he tried to kill himself following the allegations. 



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This made fans concerned over Krol and Jorge’s well-being. Krol was taken to the hospital by authorities and has recovered well since. He even issued a statement saying that the claims against the pair were false and groundless. 

Accusations against the pair were minor and they had not yet been proven but it seems they took it incredibly harshly as both of them have suffered. 

Jeyjey has not been active on social media ever since the claims were made in August 2020. 


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