Is Katie Hopkins Indian? Her Husband Mark Cross And Children

Is journalist Katie Hopkins Indian? Meet her husband Mark Cross and their children in this artifact.

Media personality Hopkins is a far rights commentator. Also, she is a columnist and former businessperson.

Recently, Katie joked about planning to breach the COVID-19 quarantine rules. However, the joke turned out to be serious to Seven as they have terminated her contract.

Is Commentator Katie Hopkins Indian?

Katie Hopkins is not Indian.

According to Wikipedia, she was born and raised in Barnstaple, England. Thus, her nationality is English.

However, some people want to know if she has an Indian background. But, nothing has been confirmed about Katie’s ethnicity until now.

Well, everybody wants to know why she named one of her daughters India. When asked if she named after the country, Katie denied that her daughter’s name was named after a place.

Indeed, many protestors didn’t believe her words. In fact, a poll conducted by This Morning revealed that 91% of her viewers weren’t convinced that she named her daughter after the country.

Currently, she is residing in Australia and working for Big Brother VIP. However, her recent video claims about hotel quarantine in Sydney have led her to leave the country.

Meet Katie Hopkins Husband Mark Cross

Katie Hopkins married her husband, Mark Cross, in 2010.

Moreover, their wedding was aired in a reality game show called Four Weddings. Most probably, her episode is still available on Sky Living.

Reportedly, Mark was a married man when the couple met at the Met Office. During that time, Mark was working as a design manager.

Previously, Katie was married to Damian McKinney. They had tied the knot in September 2004.

According to Hopkins, she stole Damian’s heart when he was married to another woman. Sadly, the man left her for another woman after the birth of their second daughter.

As The Guardians mention that she is leaving Australia, we believe she will live with her family in the United Kingdom. Undoubtedly, she will find a new job but she has to respect the COVID-19 protocols.

Who Are Katie Children?

Katie Hopkins has three children.

They are India McKinney, Maximillian William Cross, and Poppy McKinney. Clearly, we can see that she shared two kids with her previous husband and just one kid with her present husband.

Moving on, Katie has always been a center of controversies. Reportedly, her views on UK politics, race, obesity, and many other topics have made people criticize her.


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