Is Mark Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein? Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth: Facts On MeWe Founder

If you have been wondering about the founder of MeWe, Mark Weinstein is related to Harvey Weinstein or not, well the Weinsteins are not related to each other. Mark Weinstein is a leading privacy expert listed among the Top 8 Minds in online privacy. He is the current ambassador of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada.

Quick Facts: Is Mark Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein? Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth: Facts On MeWe Founder

Name Mark Weinstein
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Education UCLA Anderson School of Management
Twitter @markweinstein

The founder and acting CEO of MeWe, a high integrity social network. He previously founded and Here are some lesser-known facts about entrepreneur and social expert Mark Weinstein.

10 Facts on Mark Weinstein

  1. Mark Weinstein is a social expert and a leading privacy advocate. He is one of the Top 8 Minds in Online Privacy.
  2. He started the MeWe company in January 2016. The head office of MeWe is based in Culver City in California.
  3. Mark is best known as the current CEO and active founder of a leading social network MeWe. MeWe is a rapidly growing social interphase.
  4. Fast Company named his social media company, MeWe the 2020 Most Innovative Social Media Company. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked MeWe the 2019 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America.
  5. The detail about Mark Weinstein’s age and birthday is not public yet. He could be in his 50s or 60s now.
  6. Before setting up his MeWe created and in 1998. He sold those social media interphases in the early 2000s.
  7. Born and raised in the United States, Mark Weinstein is an American national.
  8. Though Mark is regarding as one of the leading social media experts in the world, he does not have a Wikipedia biography. The detail about his family and marriage is not known.
  9. Seemly in his 50s, Mark might be a married man, living his life with his wife and children. But, the details are yet to follow.
  10. As seen on Mark’s LinkedIn profile, he is a graduate of UCLA Anderson School of Management.


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