Maxie Jones is a character of the soap opera General Hospital and people are curious to know if she is leaving the show in 2022.

Maxie Jones is a character portrayed by the actress Kristen Storms and, she has played the role remarkably. Maxie is the eldest daughter of the couple Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings.

Maxie Jones’s character was portrayed by Robyn Richards for eleven years then, it was portrayed by Kristen. Kristen took a break from the show due to medical complications so, the role was portrayed by Jen Lilley.

Is Maxie Jones Leaving General Hospital in 2022?

Maxie Jones doesn’t seem to be leaving the soap opera General Hospital in 2022. People might have gotten confused regarding it or, there might be rumors regarding it but, no news from the show has declared the leaving of Maxie Jones.

General Hospital is a television soap opera that started to air on April 1, 1963, on ABC network. The show has been on the list of Guinness World Records as the longest soap opera in production of America and second in American history.

Similarly, it is the World’s second-longest soap opera still in production and, the World’s third longest-running scripted drama series in production. The show also holds the most awards won, with 14 wins in the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.

Although it has been running for a half-century, the show is loved by the viewers and, they anticipate new episodes to come on ABC.

What Happened To Maxie Jones in General Hospital?

Maxie Jones is facing a dilemma in the recent episode of the General Hospital as she had to make a difficult choice. She has to choose either to leave with Peter and, save her daughter or, stay behind but won’t be able to see her daughter, Louise.

Maxie decides to leave with Peter, so, that her daughter will be safe but, Peter insists on taking her with them. After a talk with Peter, Maxie convinces him that it is better for Louise to leave behind so, that it won’t be a danger to her life.

Maxie is seen heartbroken and leaves her children with a tearful goodbye. She wishes that one day, Louise will understand her reasons for leaving her. While Peter, promises that one day they will be together again.

Actress Kirsten Storms Update Details

Kirsten Storms is an actress portraying the role of Maxie Jones. She started to work as Maxie in General Hospital in 2005 but took a leave due to medical reasons, which she later opened about it to the public.

She revealed that she had brain surgery and was taking time off from work to recover. After her recovery, she was back as Maxie Jones in the General Hospital.

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