Jenny Parrish has gone viral on the internet following her wine glass reflection photo. The reactions to TikTok videos are priceless. Here is the blunder explained. 

It doesn’t take a lifetime to get famous, at least not now. In the age of social media, a person can be well-known overnight through networking sites like TikTok and Instagram. Anyone can get trending any time, which is probably the best thing about these times. 

One of such users who have gone viral on social media is Jenny Parrish. She was just posting a photo of a beautiful wine glass, but little did she know it was going to change her life. 

Jenny Parrish Wine Glass Reflection Photo Explained

Jenny Parrish, a normal social media user, posted a photo of her wine glass on Instagram. And soon, it became the most trending picture on the internet. Here’s what happened. 

It turns out, the young lady was naked at the time when she shot the photo of her wine glass. Her body was visible in the reflection of the glass, and hence, people found out she was naked during the time. 

However, she deleted the photo later but did see the funny side of it. 


Honeymoonin 💕🥲 ##fyp ##EnvisionGreatness ##OverShareInYourUnderwear

♬ original sound – jenny✨

Who is Jenny Parrish?

Until yesterday, Jenny Parrish was just an American person who was on the honeymoon with her husband. But not anymore. She has become a famous social media celebrity following her photo blunder on Instagram.

However, her Insta account is yet to be revealed. 

Moreover, she took it to her TikTok account and made a video about her silly blunder. And people are really blown away by her story, hence, gathering her more followers and likes than ever. 


Reply to @kelligabrielle straight from him😂

♬ original sound – jenny✨

Jenny Parrish Reflection Photo: Reactions on TikTok

The reaction from the TikTok users, including her husband, is absolutely amazing. 

Her TikTok video has accumulated more than 2 million views and over 250k likes already. Similarly, she also has around 9000 followers on her TikTok profile. 

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