A recent Instagram post hints towards Jessi Kpop death. Here’s a fact check – Is Jessi dead or alive?

Rapper Jessi is a Korean-American rapper currently based in South Korea. Reportedly, she was just 15 years old when she left her hometown, New York.

Today, she is famous for her songs, Nunu Nana, What Type of X, Don’t Touch Me, and many more. Her single album, GetUp is very popular among the youths.

Who Is Jessi From Kpop?

Jessi from Kpop is popular for her musical genres, K-pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

Moreover, her real name is Jessica Ho. Reportedly, she was born to Korean-American parents, Ho Sun-Hwa and Ho Jong-Jin.

Born on December 17, 1988, she is already 32 years of age. She started her career in 2005 but didn’t release any song from 2009 to 2014.

Since 2014, Jessi has been one of the most loved Kpop stars. Moreover, she has worked for the music labels, Doremi, YMC, and P Nation.

Jessi Death Rumors Debunked

Rumors suggest that Jessi’s death was confirmed on Instagram.

Very recently, the Kpop star posted on Instagram with a worrying caption. Reportedly, the caption is somewhat related to a person’s death.

Indeed, Kpop fans are worried about their beloved star. The post has received 382.3 thousand likes in just an hour.

According to some rumors, one of Jessi’s family members is responsible for the post. However, there is no official news published yet.

Furthermore, her post reads that she misses somebody’s laughs and smiles. Indeed, she misses everything about the person who has died.

Most probably, someone close to the Kpop star has passed away. She believes that God has a special angel in the sky now.

Moreover, Jessi believes that her close person is watching over her. Already popular in the world, she is ready to do more just to make him/her proud.

Fact Check – Is Jessi Dead Or Alive?

Jessi is not dead, and she is alive.

Yes, you heard that right! She is absolutely well and has no disease. However, she is broken after the news of her close person.

Recently, Jessi added an Instagram story claiming that her close person passed away. In fact, she has posted multiple stories and we can expect more on this matter very soon.

However, Jessi hasn’t revealed who has died and how the person died. Nevertheless, we know that the person who is dead is male as she writes ‘he’ in one of her stories.

Reportedly, she has a dog named Chewie who is staying by her side at the crucial period. She is thankful for her dog and has also mentioned that the person who died loves him too.

So, both Jessi and Chewie are going through a hard time right now. We send our warm condolences to Jessi and hope her close person will rest in heaven.

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