Kamaiu Johnson Wikipedia: Family Facts To Know

On Wikipedia, Kamaiu Johnson is described as an American professional golfer from Tallahassee, Florida. His Wikipedia was recently created on February 11, 2021.

Kamaiu is making a name in golf, which is considered to be the game played by white men. He got fame and recognition when he played and won the Advocates Pro Golf Association (APGA) Tour in 2020. The tour aimed to create opportunities for black and ethnic minority players.

Quick Facts: Kamaiu Johnson Wikipedia: Family Facts To Know

Name Kamaiu Johnson
Birthday 25 June, 1993
Age 27 years
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch)
Nationality American
Profession Golfer
Parents Angela Johnson
Siblings Jerome Johnson, Terry Johnson
Net Worth $200,000
Married/Single Single
Instagram @kamaiu.johnson
Twitter @KamaiuJohnson

10 Facts About Kamaiu Johnson

  1. Kamaiu Johnson has been one of the newest people to have a dedicated Wikipedia page. His Wikipedia page was created on February 11, 2021.
  2. Kamaiu Johson was born in Florida on June 25, 1993 (age 27 years).
  3. Kamaiu had a rough childhood. He does not know who his father is; he was raised by his mother Angela Johnson, and his grandmother Edna Haynes-Turner. He attended the school for slow learners and dropped out of the school in 8th grade.
  4. Kamaiu was discovered by Jan Auger, his first golf coach.  He gifted Kamaiu with 9-iron and a bucket of balls to practice. 
  5. Kamaiu Johnson goes by the user name “Kamaiu “My My” Johnson” on his Twitter account. He posts mainly about golf in his account with 4,474 followers (as of March 2, 2021).
  6. He has more than 11.8k followers on his Instagram account. He mostly shares the pictures from his golf practice on the platform.
  7. Kamaiu Johnson is not married till now; he does not have a wife. He is single as of now and is willing to focus on his career at the moment.
  8. Taking about Kamaiu Johnson’s earning, his bank balance was almost zero until 2019. He had no place to live permanently. After winning the APGA Tour Championship in September 2020, he was awarded prize money of $250,000. He also bagged $6000 for finishing second in Lexus Cup points and $10,000 for winning the tournament.
  9. As of 2021, his Net Worth is rumored to be around $200,000. Considering the talent he has, he will soon have a net worth of millions.
  10.  After the win in the APGA tour, Kamaiu was all set to appear on the PGA tour, but he was forced to withdraw from the match as he was tested positive for COVID-19.


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