Katie Little Poulton: Everything On Jeanne Little Daughter And Family

Katie Little Poulton is known as the daughter of Jeanne Little, the globally acclaimed actress and singer who won countless awards during her lifetime, Jean recently died on November 7, 2020. 

Poulton, like her mother, is a celebrity but she is also a writer and a graphic designer. She has written memoirs about her late mother and her work. To promote her book, she appeared on various TV shows and also in magazines. 

Quick Facts: Katie Little Poulton: Everything On Jeanne Little Daughter And Family

Name Katie Little Poulton
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Writer; Comedian
Parents Jeanne Little; Barry Little
Husband Tom Poulton
Children 3
Instagram katie_m_little
Twitter LittleFamilyOz

10 Facts About Katie Little Poulton

  1. Katie Little Poulton is better known as Jeanne Little’s daughter, her mother and her family lived in Australia, her mother was born in Formosa, Taiwan (at the time a territory of Japan). 
  2. She has a husband named Tom Poulton, she has been married to him for a lot of years and they have 3 children together.
  3. Their 2 oldest children, La La and Hunter have attended her mother’s comedy shows. Tim is a photographer specializing in landscape photography and runs ‘One of A Kind Photography Adventures’
  4. She and her children all live in Hunters Hill, Sydney, Australia.
  5. According to this source, she and her husband, who is a landscape photographer lives separately sometimes but occasionally share their home.  
  6. The comedian has an Instagram account with a rising follower base. She has also listed on her bio that she is a writer and comedian. 
  7. Katie uses dark humor and sarcasm as her material, she also makes social commentary via her comedy show.  
  8. She became a writer when she was young and has released numerous books during her career. 
  9. Her mother was Jeanne Little, an acclaimed entertainer, and the Order of Australia recipient. Jean was Australian and became a star in Australia she was young, she passed away on November 7, 2020.
  10. Katie, however, has settled in Australia and lives in Sydney. 


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