Katie Waldman is the new secretary of Vice President Mike Pence. She was also a spokeswoman for DHS which stands for Department of Homeland Security.

Stephen Miller’s Girlfriend

The 27 years old Katie is dating the 34 years old Stephen Miller. He is famous as a political activist. He is a senior advisor for President Donald Trump. Katie and Stephen live together. Both of them are in a good career phase. Similarly, they have been dating for a long time. After the declaration of her being the secretary of Mike Pence, their relationship is talked all over social media. However, there is no news about their marriage. They might not have planned about marriage any time soon.

Is Katie Pence’s Press Secretary?

Mike Pence has achieved huge success in his political career. On 19th September 2019, there a statement released. The statement said that Katie will be appointed to serve as a secretary of Vice President Mike Pence. It is also revealed that her working will start on 1st October 2019. Previously, she worked as a secretary of deputy press at the Department of Homeland Security. Likewise, she defended Trump administration for separation of children from their families. The children separated at the border. Also, she defended the zero-tolerance policies which included family separation. Previously, she worked for some famous people like Sen. Steve Daines, R-Montana, and the National Republican Senate Committee.

Katie Waldman’s Wiki

Katie has been working since the year 2014 after her graduation. She is in the phase of her career success. As she has been working with famous people. But Katie Waldman does not have a Wikipedia. Her boyfriend Stephen Miller has a Wikipedia. Likewise, Mike Pence also has a Wikipedia. It could be soon that she might have a Wiki as well. She is a hardworking person and has gained huge success at just 27 years.

What is the age of Katie Waldman?

Katie Waldman was born on 4th October 1991. As of now, she is 27 years old. Likewise, she will be 28 years old in a few days. She was born to Glenn Waldman (father) and Sheryl Waldman (mother). Similarly, her two siblings are William (1989) and Andie (1995). Katie belongs to an educated background. She earned a Bachelor degree from the University of Florida in Agricultural economics. She has done Masters from the George Washington University in Public Administration. In the year 2014, she graduated from George Washington University. When she was at the University of Florida, during student government election, she was caught throwing student newspaper at night.

Katie Waldman Bio

Katie has been hired as the secretary of Mike Pence. Mike Pence whose full name id Michael Richard Pence is a 60 years old American politician. Similarly, he is the 48th lawyer and present vice president of the USA. Katie is also dating Stephen Miller. he is a senior adviser of President Donald Trump. Likewise, Katie is not as popular as the people she is related to. Her boyfriend is popular as he is President Donald Trump’s political advisor.


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