Kielyn Marrone is a reality television personality from Canada. She is famous for her appearance on the History Channel reality television show titled Alone. This is the seventh season of the show. Besides appearing on the television, she is also a Winter Wilderness Expedition Operator. And she is a co-owner of Lure of the North.

With her appearance on the show Alone, she has gained so much recognition and she has also got a good following on her social media pages. Well, it was very successful for her to become a reality television personality. Know more about Kielyn Marrone from the facts below.

Quick Facts: Kielyn Marrone

Name Kielyn Marrone
Age 33
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 5 inches (Approx)
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Profession TV Personality
Married/Single Married
Husband Dave Marrone
Instagram lureofthenorth
Youtube @lureofthenorth
Facebook @KielynAloneS7

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Boom! Me, the day after tapping out. Looking in the mirror the day I got to the lodge was a shocker. I could see my chest ribs, my head looked like a bobble head and when I sat down and crossed my legs, for the first time ever my crossed foot smacked my leg! For the first time in 80 days I had warmth all around my body. Peeling my layers off for the first time was a very strange feeling. One of the last straws for me to leave was having my hands literally over the fire to warm them and the backs were frozen. I wasn’t able to keep my feet warm at night anymore either. I would have hot rocks in my bag with me but once they cooled I would bring one foot up to my chest, warm it with my hands and by the time it was warm, the other foot was cold again. So I would spend the whole night just swapping feet. I believe I needed 7 fish to take me to the end in a healthy manner. I had caught 7. But only landed 4. I just couldn’t risk my hands or feet for my career relies on them in cold climates. Feeling the warmth all around me, having amazing meals delivered to me, and looking out the frosted window of what I would have been facing, I had absolutely made the right decision. Yes, I had doubts. “I should have pushed a little harder!” But for what? I had made the right decision. Coming back home and having Christmas with the people I had yearned for was the best prize I could have received. I am a stronger person for the experience but I will always be happiest with Dave, Hank, Lenny, the pond and the rest of my amazing family just a phone call away. Thank you for coming along on this wild journey with me. I will post more insights and I even have video of my first chocolate!!!! Love. Gratitude. And Strength! ❤✌💪 …. #love #grattitude #strength #family #underdog #aloneseason7 #80days!!! #nobodyshouldhavetolivewithoutchocolate

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10 Facts About Kielyn Marrone

  1. Kielyn Marrone was born in the year 1987 and she is about 33 years of age as of 2020.
  2. She has not disclosed the information about her birthday.
  3. Born and raised in Canada, Kielyn Marrone holds the Canadian nationality and she belongs to the white ethnic background.
  4. Kielyn doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. But you can get the information about her from other sources.
  5. We could not obtain the information related to Kielyn’s educational background and qualifications.
  6. The information about Kielyn’s parents and other family members are also not disclosed yet.
  7. Kielyn is a married woman. She is married to her husband Dave who is also one of the co-owner of Lure of the North. We don’t know whether the couple has children or not.
  8. The statics of Kielyn’s height, weight, and other body measurements are not available. But we know she seems to have an average height with a slim body.
  9. Information regarding Kielyn’s salary and net worth are not available.
  10. Kielyn Marrone is very active on a social media platform like Instagram. Her Instagram handles a total of 6.5k followers. Well, you can also find her on Facebook and YouTube.

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