Ladidadida TikTok Song has been hitting off since the English cover of Renai Circulation came out. Here are the song+ lyrics explained 

TikTok has really revolutionized the music industry at the moment. Every TikTok song has turned out to become a great hit. It really helps people explore new music, but at the same time, the video networking site has provided big breaks for the rising singers and artists.

It is not the first time we have seen a song getting viral on TikTok. Singers like Ali Gatie, powfu, The Kid Laroi, and many more have TikTok to thank for their known popularity. But a new song called Ladidadida is steaming up on TikTok. Let’s move on to find more about the song. 

Ladidadida TikTok Song + Lyrics Explained

Ladidadida is a song that is getting hits on TikTok. The song is titled “Renai Circulation.” 

As for the lyrics, they are quite romantic and motivating. The sing is a message to someone who is scared to express their feelings to someone they love. The song tries to inspire a person to get out and take the first time.

Renai Circulation (English Cover) and the Original version 

Originally a song in anime, the name of the singer of the Renai Circulation’s English cover is finally revealed. She is no other than Lizz Robinett. And of course, it is the cover version that is trending on TikTok. 

Talking about the original song, it was the song written for Japanese anime. The Chinese-American musical artist, Namirin sang the original song in the Japanese language. 

Who is Lizz Robinett? The singer of Renai Circulation

Lizz Robinett is an American singer, musical artist, and cosplayer who sings and writes stuff out of TV shows, games, and animes. 

Moreover, she is wild famous on social media as well. Her Youtube channel has more than 750k subscribers and her Instagram follower-count shows around 10k followers.

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