How Old Is Lanusky Twitch? Lanusky is a 13-year-old Twitch gamer and a streamer who has amassed more than 90,000 followers. She is known for her Minecraft streams, she has been playing the RPG for a while and is one of the rising stars of the game. 

She is also the sister of Tubbo, who is also a Minecraft gamer with over a million subscribers on his channels. He launched his channel in September 2019 and has since become globally famous.  

Quick Facts: Lanusky Age: How Old Is Lanusky Twitch? Tubbo”s Sister Real Name And Bio

Name Lanusky
Age 13
Gender Female
Nationality English
Profession Gamer; Streamer
Siblings Tubbo

10 Facts About Lanusky 

  1. Lanusky’s age is 13 years old as of November 2020, she was born around 2007 according to this source
  2. Her real name is Lani Smith but she has several aliases and gamer names like Tubbling, Trista, Tubsta, Small Law, etc. 
  3. According to her bio, she got interested in Minecraft and gaming due to her brother. In fact, Tubbo’s sister is on Twitch as LanuSky and has a growing follower base. 
  4. Lanusky is not shy on her streams and shows her face and her expressions as she plays games on Twitch. She usually makes jokes and keeps her fans entertained with humor as she plays the game. 
  5. Her exact net worth has not been revealed but according to some sources, she is worth between $10,000 to $100,000. Most of Lanusky’s earnings are from her streams. 
  6. She has not revealed any information about a boyfriend or relationships in the media, LanuSky may be single as she is very young. 
  7. The star is the younger sister of the established gamer Tubbo, both of them are from England and collaborate with each other. 
  8. In addition to being gamers and streamer, they are also content creators who have made some funny videos online. 
  9. They also regularly game together, in fact, LanuSky even used her brother’s account once to play Minecraft. 
  10. The sister-brother duo also make structures on Minecraft. 
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