Laruga Glaser

Laruga Glaser is a yoga teacher by profession. She has been working as a yoga teacher for 13 years now. From March 2007 she has been teaching as a yoga teacher at Astanga Yoga Academy. She has a lot of experience in the field of yoga as she has been in this field for more than a decade.

Quick Facts: Laruga Glaser

Name Laruga Glaser
Gender Female
Nationality Swedish
Profession Yoga Teacher, Instagram Star
Education Ohio State University
Instagram @larugayoga
Twitter @Laruga
Youtube LarugaYoga
Facebook @larugayoga

She also works at Laruga Yoga as a Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from 2004 and is still continuing it. She is one of the most experienced yoga teachers a student can find as she has experience in this field for over a decade. She has been working with Laruga Yoga for 16 years now.

Her professional details are available on her Linkedin profile. On her LinkedIn profile, she has 163 connection and she has also mentioned that she is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has completed her studies from Ohio University.

10 Facts About Laruga Glaser:

  1. Laruga Glaser seems to be in her forties right now but we are not sure about her exact age.
  2. There is also no official Wikipedia page under her name.
  3. We have no idea if she is married or not as she has never hinted us about her husband. 
  4. Laruga is always active on Instagram where she has almost 200 thousand followers. 
  5. She has a LinkedIn account where her bio can be read.
  6. She has actually been in the hotspot for being a Yoga teacher who has been currently working as a teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Academy. 
  7. She has also been well-known as an Instagram star for her amazing yoga postures.
  8. The estimated net worth of Laruga will be known as soon as we find this information about her. 
  9. Apart from Instagram, she is also active on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  10. This Swedish yoga teacher has now earned almost 51.6 thousand fans following on Facebook, exactly 2203 followers on Twitter, and near about 53.5 thousand subscribers on YouTube. 


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