Laura Anunnaki

If you are a tattoo lover, you might have heard this name for sure, Laura Anunnaki. After all, this pretty lady is known across countries for her excellence in ink work. She is a well-known tattoo artist renowned across borders for her work on peculiar tattoos. She is from Mexico.

While females are still prohibited from having tattoos in some parts of the world, it is really inspiring to see a female ink artist to make such a successful career as a tattoo artist. While her work is praised in several parts of the world, very less is known about the lady herself.

Quick Facts: Laura Anunnaki

Name Laura Anunnaki
Gender Female
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity White
Profession Ink Artist
Married/Single Unknown
Education National Autonomous University
Instagram lauraanunnaki

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10 Facts About Laura Anunnaki

  1. Laura Anunnaki is a world-renowned ink master who is popular for her work on pellicular tattoos that are full of glitters and bright colors.
  2. She started as a tattoo artist in 2015. But has been interested in ink work from a very young age.
  3. Though Laura is a world-renowned tattoo artist, she loves to live a very low key life.
  4. The lady is yet to disclose her age, birthday, and early life facts in the media. How old is Luara, the details are still not public.
  5. Also, Laura has kept the identity of her father and mother out of the reach of media.
  6. She does not have a Wikipedia bio, but you can read about the tattoo artist on several other media outlets. She also has her own official website.
  7. She is a graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She studied Graphic Design at the university.
  8. She is a frequent traveler and travels a lot for tattoo conventions across countries. She has traveled across Asia, Europea, and South America.
  9. The details of her net worth are not public. She is of Mexican nationality and her ethnicity is white.
  10. She is active on social media and is quite popular as well. You can find her on Instagram as @lauraanunnaki. Her Instagram page has 454k followers.


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