Lauryn Canny Age: Facts On Dating Amber Actress

Lauryn Canny is a well-known actress who recently appeared as Sarah in the movie named Dating Amber (2020). Until today’s date, she has already played various roles in around 14 different movies as well as television series. Among them, some of the most popular shows she has appeared in are Amber, 1,000 Times Goodnight, The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music, Wifey Redux, etc. 

Quick Facts: Lauryn Canny Age: Facts On Dating Amber Actress

Name Lauryn Canny
Gender Female
Height 5 feet and 8 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Net Worth $1.9 million
Instagram @lauryncanny
Twitter @LaurynCanny

She had kicked off her professional acting career in the year 2013 after appearing as Steph in the popular movie named 1,00 Times Goodnight. As of 2020, she has also been appearing as Teresa in the television series called Normal People. Apart from that, she is coming up with her two more projects – Sounds of Silence and Blue Guitar

10 Facts on Lauryn Canny:

  1. Lauryn Canny’s age is currently unknown but her looks suggest that she is definitely around 25 to 29 years old. 
  2. Moreover, her estimated net worth in 2020 has now increased to $1.9 million but her salary has not yet been made public. 
  3. According to her official IMDb page, Lauryn Canny stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall. 
  4. With approximately 4.6 thousand followers, we can find this actress on Instagram as @lauryncanny
  5. As per Lauryn Canny’s bio on All-Stars Bio, she was born in the United States, and thus, she is an American citizen. 
  6. Apart from just Instagram, she can also be found active on Twitter where her username is @LaurynCanny and she has around 2 thousand followers there. 
  7. Currently, we have no idea about Lauryn Canny’s parents as well as her siblings.
  8. Also, we remain completely unknown about her birthday, weight, and other body measurements too. 
  9. Even though we are well aware that her nationality is American, we are still confused regarding Lauryn Canny’s ethnicity. 
  10. In addition to that, we are unknown about her relationship status as well as her previous relationships currently. 


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