Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby is a professional dancer who is now a fitness enthusiast. She can also be known as a model who is from London, United Kingdom. She started to dance at the age of 3. Starting to dance at the age of 3 she made it to the big stage with many famous artists.

Quick Facts:

Name Leanne Hainsby
Gender Female
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession Fitness Expert, Cycle Instructor, Dancer
Education Bromley High School
Instagram @leannehainsby
Twitter @LeanneHainsby
Facebook @leannehainsbypeloton

She is currently too much into fitness. She is seen posting her workout photos and workout tips via her Instagram account. She is also known as a cycling instructor. She is quite famous on Instagram where she has 81.1 thousand followers. Leanne is also seen sharing photos with her family via her Instagram account.

Her father is seen on her Instagram account. She is also well known for her good looks and amazing personality. As she is a fitness freak she obviously has a well-maintained body. She does not have her biography on Wikipedia.

10 Facts About Leanne Hainsby:

  1. Leanne Hainsby has not shared if she is married or unmarried.
  2. Since we do not know about her marriage, we also remain unknown about the information regarding her husband.
  3. She seems to be in her early thirties but we are unknown regarding her actual age.
  4. Also, we are trying to figure out what is her height and how she manages her body fitness.
  5. Leanne loves to use Instagram and she is always active there. Now, she has earned almost 81.1 thousand followers there.
  6. Talking about her professional life, she is a professional dancer as well as a cycling instructor. 
  7. She has been recognized by people as a fitness enthusiast and her most uploaded pictures are also related to her fitness. 
  8. Her net worth was less before but now, it is predicted to have an increase. However, we still have no idea about her present net worth.
  9. She has even created a LinkedIn account of her own.
  10. She had completed her high school education from Bromley High School. 


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