Liz Trujillo Age: Meet Flavor Flav Wife On Instagram

Liz Trujillo was of very young age when she got married to Flavor Flav aka William Jonathan.

Liz Trujillo is best known as the wife of Flavor Flav.

He is the American rapper and the co-founder of Public Enemy. Originally from New York, Flav has fans from all around the world. 

He has been a trending figure for a long time. As there are tons of details regarding his music and career, people are demanding updates on his marital status. 

So let us not waste any time and focus on our today’s topic Liz Trujillo.

Quick Facts:

Name Liz Trujilo
Birthday 1975
Age 46
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Celebrity Spouse
Married/Single Married
Husband Wiliam Jonathan Drayton
Children 6

How Old Is Liz Trujillo?

As per details online, Liz Trujillo is 46 years old. An article on famechain revealed that Liz Trujillo was born in 1975.

We could not find her full birthdate. Likewise, Liz has never talked about her birthday.

Likewise, we visualized Liz’s photographs which suggested she belongs to the above-mentioned age group.

Flavor Flav Wife Instagram

It appears Liza Trujillo is not on Instagram.

There are no accounts under that name. Likewise, we could not find her on Facebook and Twitter either.

We are unaware of Liz’s low – profile with the media and her fans.

Are Liz And Flavor Flav Still Married?

Yes, Liz And Flavor Flav are still married.

They are having a perfect relationship. There is nothing toxic in their marriage.

This question raised when William has stopped posting images with her. William has not mentioned his wife for a long time. 

At the same time, Liz is not seen publicly for a long time. As we talked earlier Liz likes to stay low profile. 

Had they been separated all of the news headlines will be full of their separation.

They gave birth to a baby boy Karma Drayton. He was born in 2010.

Likewise was married before to Angie Parker, Karen Ross, Tiffany Pollard, and Brigitte Nielsen. Liz is the fifth wife of him.



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