Loren Culp

Loren Culp is a famous American politician and a renowned name in the field of politics. He is a very talented and dedicated man who has been working day and night to achieve something more for the community and its people. He is currently running in the election for Governor of Washington. Loren is a member of the republic political party and made his way through the general election as he stood second in the primary election.

Loren Culp is currently on the headline as of October 7, 2020 debate between Jay Inslee and Loren Culp is picking up the hype. Loren is a very famous businessman, Law Enforcement Officer, and has even served as a US Army officer.

Quick Facts: Loren Culp

Name Loren Culp
Birthday February 3, 1961
Age 59
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Politician/Businessman
Married/Single Married
Wife Barb Culp
Children 2
Twitter @LorenCulp

10 Facts on Loren Culp:

  1. Loren Culp was born on February 3, 1961, in Everett, Washington, USA.
  2. His age as of 2020 is exactly 59 years old.
  3. Loren is married to his long-time high school girlfriend Barb Culp and they have been together for almost 35 long years.
  4. Talking about his family Loren and his wife have 2 sons and 7 grandchildren however they haven’t opened up much about their personal life.
  5. Loren didn’t complete his education as while in high school he dropped out of it and joined the US Army to serve the nation.
  6. Loren has written a book named called American Cop which was published way back on February 14, 2019, and is appreciated by several readers.
  7. GOP gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp made his way through the general election on November 3, 2020, defeating Joshua Freed and Tim Eyman od republic party.
  8. His net worth as of 2020 is about 1 million dollars including all his business earnings.
  9. Loren is available on his twitter account @LorenCulp where he has more than 15k followers and is regularly posting regarding his political matters.
  10. Before joining the police department back in 2010 he used to run a construction company that sums up his progressive biography. 


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