Lumenti Age And Real Name: 10 Facts To Know

Lumenti is a 25-year-old streamer on Twitch. She usually streams Among Us with her friends. Lumenti uploads her gaming highlights on her Youtube channel. She also streams Golf with your friends and Food & Drinks.

She is famous for making funny noises and talking a lot when she plays and streams. Lumenti is also known for making a lot of jokes during the streams. She sometimes starts channeling her inner Hermione and starts talking like her.

Quick Facts: Lumenti Age And Real Name: 10 Facts To Know

Name Lumenti (Franzi)
Age 25 years
Gender Female
Nationality German
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram @lumenti
Twitter @xLumenti
Youtube Lumenti

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lumenti

  1. Lumenti’s current age is 25 years as of January 2021. The exact date of birth and zodiac sign of Lumenti is not revealed yet.
  2. The Twitch streamer was born and raised in Deutschland, Germany. Her nationality is German.
  3. Lumenti’s real name is Franzi. Lumenti is her online name. She is based in Cologne, Germany at present.
  4. She has 4.8k followers on Twitter. Lumenti joined Twitter in May 2015. Her Twitter bio says she is a player with Twitch in German.
  5. Lumenti has 33.9k followers on her Twitch account. She streams in German but chats in English as well. She plays alone or with her friends only.
  6. Lumenti streams with her Twitch friends, Kutcher, veylt, Autophil, vlesk, Hahn, Bart, Shantao, Pandar, and Mahluna among others.
  7. The Twitch star has said that she doesn’t want to share what she does for living in her streams. Lumenti’s salary and net worth have not been revealed.
  8. Lumenti doesn’t want to share her love life details on Twitch as she is on the platform to have a good time with her followers. Her relationship status remains unknown.
  9. She has 10.8k followers on her Instagram account. Lumenti’s Instagram bio says that she is a full-time derp and a part-time nerd. She usually posts her selfies.
  10. She has a Youtube account with over 162k total views. Lumenti joined Youtube on April 17, 2019, and has over 4.65k subscribers.


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