Where is “My 600-lb Life” Lupe Samano now? Lupe Samano lives in California in 2020 and is a TV personality known for appearing on the TLC’s hit reality series My 600-lb Life back in 2016. She became famous for her incredible transformation on the show where she lost almost half her weight. 

Quick Facts: Lupe Samano

Name Lupe Samano
Age 43
Gender Female
Weight 345 lbs
Nationality American
Instagram mz.unstoppable7
Facebook Lupita Samano

Starting out she was 642 lbs and later she was around 342 lbs when she left the show. She has remained relevant through her social media after leaving the show. 

10 Facts About Lupe Samano

  1. Lupe Samano aka Lupe Donovan was 39 years old when she appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2016 as per the show’s Wikipedia page. She is around 43 years old in 2020. 
  2. As per heavy, she is set to appear on the show again in September 2020 for her follow up. 
  3. Samano weighed more than 640 lbs when she first appeared on the show, she was dependent on her husband Gilbert for most of her needs. But she let him shortly after the show’s first episode. He was also cheating on her
  4. She was with a man called Andrew Renteria who tragically passed away in April 2019.
  5. The former patient has an Instagram account and also uses Facebook regularly. She has kept her Instagram private but has more than 5,500 followers.
  6. She weighed more than 640lbs when she entered the show.
  7. Lupe left weighing 360 lbs, she lost almost half her weight.  her total weight loss was 295 lbs. 
  8. Her incredible weight loss has been the inspiration to many. Lupe’s food addiction started when she was a kid and she became morbidly obese when she grew up.
  9. However, in 2020 she is maintaining her weight and also regularly shares her photos on social media. 
  10. There is no information of a new love interest or a boyfriend in the public media. 
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