Luxmy Gopal

Luxmy Gopal is a popular Indian-British journalist. She is actually best known as a TV reporter as well as a presenter. Currently, she has been providing her services for BBC as their TV reporter and presenter. Previously, she used to work as a journalist in Jersey.

Quick Facts: Luxmy Gopal

Name Luxmy Gopal
Gender Female
Nationality British
Ethnicity Indian-British
Profession Journalist
Twitter @luxmy_g

Anyone who has an interesting story to share can contact her directly by sending her message and video at [email protected]. She even writes her own blog and is also often regarded as a blogger. Luxmy is also very much interested in filmmaking and editing. Currently, she appears on both televisions as well as on radios.

Her blogs mainly consists of unique stories that are sent to her by many people. According to her, she has conducted various hard-hitting interviews which have led her to become a very successful journalist right now. She usually broadcasts her big headlines and stories on the BBC channel. 


10 Facts About Luxmy Gopal:

  1. Luxmy Gopal’s exact date of birth is not known. However, from her looks, she seems to be in her thirties right now. 
  2. We have no information regarding her height, weight, and other various body measurements. 
  3. She is an Indian-British who was born in the United Kingdom. Currently, she has been living in Leeds, England, UK.
  4. Professionally, she is well-known as a journalist who has been currently working for BBC News as their TV reporter and presenter.
  5. We have no information regarding her parents as well as her siblings. 
  6. The estimated net worth of Luxmy is currently under review. 
  7. We have no information regarding her love life as well as children. 
  8. She probably completed her entire education in the UK. 
  9. We can find Luxmy online only on Twitter. 
  10. In fact, she has been able to gain more than 4300 followers on her official Twitter account. 


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