Madison Beer Sparks Dating Rumors With Boyfriend Nick Austin: Is This True?

Madison Beer, the singer-songwriter has sparked dating rumors in 2020 after posting a cozy video with Nick Austin. Beer sent waves through the internet after the video was posted online. 

Quick Facts: Madison Beer Sparks Dating Rumors With Boyfriend Nick Austin: Is This True?

Name Madison Beer
Birthday March 5, 1999
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed
Profession Singer; Songwriter; Model
Net Worth $3 million

She first achieved fame through YouTube when Justin Beiber tweeted a cover she had sung. After the tweet, she became an internet sensation and was almost immediately given a record label deal. As a matter of fact, she was personally signed by Justin Bieber to Island Records.

Since then she has amassed a lot of fan following and is one of the most popular singers in the world. 

Madison Beer’s Dating Rumors With Nick Austin

The singer Madison Beer was seen with TikTok star Nick Austin at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood. Beer was seen getting snuggly with her alleged new boyfriend.


“that was pretty good” @noahbeck mid dance



They seemed to be in their own romantic world and focused on each other rather than what was happening around them. Austin had his arms around his new ‘bae’ as they enjoyed a meal and a scroll through social media. 

Nick was wearing a black outfit with light-colored pants and a cap, while madison wore large loop earrings and a pinkish outer on top of a white shirt. She also had on black pants.

Is Nick Austin, Madison Beer New Boyfriend 2020?

While both the stars are yet to comment on the photo that has just surfaced. We can guess that they are dating by the way they were sitting comfortably with each other.


##duet with @noahbeck this is how you do it

♬ original sound –

Austin had his arm over her and she had her legs on the chair. As per reports, they did not attend to anyone other than each other. All the pictures show that they were fully focused on something that Madison was showing Nick on her phone. 

He has a mansion in Hollywood around where Madison Beer has been spotted before. Nick himself is a social media star with over 8.6 million followers on his TikTok. 

Nick joined the platform in 2019 and has since become one of the biggest stars on TikTok. He even has a viral video with Chase Hudson where he was handcuffed to him. 

Previously, Austin was rumored to be dating Darianka in 2018 after they posted videos together, however, Nick quickly denied that they were dating. 

Madison Beer Ex-Boyfriend and Relationships Updates

One of Maidson’s earliest known relationship was with Jack Gilinsky. They started dating just as Beer was getting immense worldwide popularity in 2015. They had an ugly breakup as a recording of Jack shouting at madison and verbally abusing her went viral on the internet. 



♬ bad bleep – _.multii._.fandom._

She also remained silent for a while before breaking up with him hoping that he would change. 

Brooklyn Beckham dated her after this. They started their relationship in early 2017 and due to the star power of both of them, this relationship achieved worldwide fame. All the hype did not make them lat as they separated in August 2017. 

Soon after her breakup with Brooklyn, she was photographed kissing Claudia Tihan, and this sent the internet crazy. Naturally, this led to a lot of speculation and people were saying that the duo was in a relationship. They never confirmed nor denied these rumors. 

Her latest relationship before the photo with Nick surfaced was with Zack Bia. They were an on-again, off-again pair who started dating in late 2017. Bia is a club promoter and they were frequently seen together in various pubs and bars. 

In fact, they had a lot of public appearances together. Reports of their arguments started surfacing all over the news. The pair split after a public argument, Madison posted “Single Madison thrives.” 


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