Maggie Johnson

Maggie Johnson is famous American actress who was the star during the seventies found to be starring in many television dramas and movies. She is famous for television series like Ironside and Mannix which were the 70s hits.

Furthermore, she was married to famous American actor Clint Eastwood for almost thirty-one years when they decided to split-up in the year 1984 and they had two children together Alison and Kyle Eastwood. Clint recently turned 90 and everyone who knew him wished him recalling the movies that made them love him and his birthday was trending news for previous 24 hours. If you wish to know more about her then we have ten interesting facts about him below.

Quick Facts: Maggie Johnson

Name Maggie Johnson
Birthday 1931
Age 89
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Children Alison and Kyle Eastwood
Divorce Clint Eastwood(1953-1984) Henry Wynberg(1985-1989)

10 Facts on Maggie Johnson:

  1. Maggie Johnson is famous American actress who is known widely as the ex-wife of legendary star Clint Eastwood.
  2. She was born on the year 1931 and she is currently at the age of 89.
  3. Moving on to her family facts, the details about her parents and other members of the family is yet to be known.
  4. Furthermore, she received AFI life achievement award back in the year 1973 which was tribute to John Ford.
  5. Moving on to her personal life, she was widely known as the wife of Clint Eastwood during the time period of 1953 to 1984, which lasted 31 years.
  6. They together had two children, Kyle Eastwood and Alison Eastwood.
  7. Adding a year to her divorce with Clint, she was married to Henry Wynberg but that marriage lasted only four years.
  8. Her IMDB profile has only two credits as an actress but her works were not marked during her peak days as she was talented and known for her skills.
  9. She doesn’t seem to have a wiki bio of her own.
  10. She doesn’t seem to have social media presence.



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