Make Me Your Aphrodite TikTok Song, Lyrics and Cover Explained

Make Me Your Aphrodite Tiktok challenge is also known as the Dark Horse Challenge.

A musical trend has gone viral again, called the Make Me Your Aphrodite (TikTok). The platform has seen numerous trends go viral over the years and 2020 saw the highest number of new challenges. It seems a new trend pops up almost every week. 

While not exactly like most challenges, this new song is a musical craze on TikTok which has made waves online. Unlike other challenges, this has allowed users to show off their vocal skills and lip-sync chops. A lyric rather than a song has gone famous. Katy Perry sang the song originally. 

Make Me Your Aphrodite TikTok Challenge: Explained

People are covering a famous song and putting their own twist on it. The song in question is the globally famous track Dark Horse. That is why the trend has also gotten the alternative name of the Dark Horse challenge as per HITC

Many singers on the platform have impressed fans and they stand out among the 176.5 million views that the ‘#darkhorse‘ has gotten over the course of its lifetime. 


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The song, as mentioned above, is a song by pop singer and icon Katy Perry. She collaborated with Juicy J on the song which came out on September 17, 2013. Since then the song has gathered more than 2.8 billion views and over 10 million likes. 

While its popularity peaked in 2013, the TikTok phenomenon helped in the resurgence of the song’s popularity. 

Make Me Your Aphrodite TikTok Lyrics And Cover Breakdown

While the whole Dark Horse song more than 30 lines of lyrics ‘Make Me Your Aphrodite Make Me Your One And Only‘ is the one that stands out over it all. 

The lyrics are about a relationship where one partner puts someone on a pedestal and treating them as their ‘aphrodite’ the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, procreation, etc. Some have even speculated that it is about worshiping one’s partner and warning them about the singer’s disdain for being cheated on. 


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♬ original sound – vaggianna3

More than this, as the lyrics are extracted from Dark Horse by the legendary Katy Perry some people believe that it is about selling your soul to the Devil. This theory has been around but put the lyrics from the song into the context of the song. 

Due to the singer and the musical lore behind the song, some people believe that she is singing about a relationship and waning her potential partner about her ‘femme fatale’ nature. She is describing herself as a woman who loves blindly and is also capable of getting back if she gets hurt by a man. 

Numerous people are covering the song and these videos have gotten more than 50 million likes.  

Who Sang ‘Make Me Your Aphrodite’, TikTok’s Viral Trend

The credit for starting the whole challenge goes to Rapidsongs. From its earliest stages, TikTok has been a platform for aspiring singers, up to now most challenges that were on TikTok were about lip-syncing to a song or making a funny video but as of 2020, the Dark Horse trend started by Rapidsongs, made it so that willing creators would get the chance to actually put their own twist on an immensely popular song. 

There are variations to the challenge but all of them have the common element of the song. Some creators use the actual song’s instrumental soundtrack whereas there are many other sounds made on TikTok by various creators including the remix by rapidsongs. This one seems to be the most popular as there have been more than 10,000 videos posted to it and millions of views as well as likes. 


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