Marisela Vallejos Felix Age And Net Worth: Chalino Sánchez Wife And Kids

Marisela Vallejos Felix was the wife of a Mexican singer, songwriter, and musician Chalino Sánchez. She was also the mother of Adan Sánchez, a Mexican singer who passed away in a car accident. His funeral was held in Los Angeles, which more than 10,000 fans attended.

Marisela Vallejos and Chalino Sánchez were married from 1984 to 1992, till his death. Sanchez was murdered in his last concert in Sinaloa, Mexico. Chalino Sánchez’s music has only grown popular after his death.

Quick Facts: Marisela Vallejos Felix Age And Net Worth: Chalino Sánchez Wife And Kids

Name Marisela Vallejos Felix
Age 57-59
Husband Chalino Sánchez
Children Adan Sanchez, Cynthia Sanchez

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marisela Vallejos Felix 

  1. The exact age and date of birth of Marisela Vallejos Felix have not been made public. By the looks of her pictures, she might be in her 50s.
  2. Marisela Vallejos was born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Her ethnicity is Latino.
  3. Marisela Vallejos Felix’s net worth has not been revealed yet. The net worth of her husband, Chalino Sánchez was estimated to be $1.4 million before his death.
  4. Chalino Sánchez married his wife, Marisela Vallejos Felix in 1984 in an intimate and small wedding in Los Angeles, California.
  5. It was Rosalba and Juana Sanchez, Chalino’s cousins who introduced him to Marisela Vallejos while he was working in Los Angeles, California.
  6. Marisela has two kids with Chalino. She was pregnant with their son, Adan Sanchez when they got married. Marisela Vallejos Felix and Chalino Sánchez’s daughter, Cynthia Sanchez was born soon after.
  7. Is Marisela Vallejos Felix still alive? Yes, she is still alive. She has given multiple interviews remembering Chalino after his death.
  8. Chalino Sánchez was murdered on May 16, 1992, when he was performing at “Rey Del Corrido”, his concert. The concert took pave in Sinaloa. Mexico. 
  9. Adam Sanchez, their son also died young, at the age of 19 in Sinaloa, Mexico. He died after the car tire blew and the driver lost control. He incurred several head injuries and died on the spot, reports Univision.
  10. Marisela Vallejos Felix has not revealed many details about her family, parents, and siblings. She has stayed away from media after her husband’s death.


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