Mary Grace Hicks

Mary Grace Hicks is the elder sister of Hope Hicks who works for President Trump inside White House. Mary Grace Hicks works as EMT in Greenwich Emergency Medial Service currently. Mary Grace Hicks also worked as a model in the Ralph Lauren campaign with her sister before being a medical professional. 

Quick Facts: Mary Grace Hicks

Name Mary Grace Hicks
Age Mid-thirties
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Medical Technician
Parents Paul and caye Hicks
Siblings Hope Hicks
Married/Single Married
Husband Wyot woods
Instagram themgfacto

Mary Grace Hicks married to Wyot Woods in 2016 in Greenwich in front of their families. The parents of Mary Grace Hicks have given her a very good childhood and she also wants to give her children the same thing for their future.


10 Facts on Mary Grace Hicks

  1. Mary Grace Hicks is a  medical professional working in Greenwich and her age is unknown but must be in her mid-thirties.
  2. The daughter of Paul and Caye Hicks posed for the Ralph Lauren campaign with her sister and also was a teenage model in Greenwich magazine in 2002.
  3. Wyot woods was married to Mary Grace Hicks in November of 2016 in Greenwich according to the wedding registry.
  4. Mary Grace Hicks went to Greenwich High School in Connecticut in the US where she graduated in 2004.
  5. The net worth of the medical technician has not been made public alongside her salary.
  6. According to the New York article, Mary’s sister Hope told that she saw no future for both sisters in modeling and so they went to pursue other professions.
  7. Mary Grace Hicks is said to have stayed in an apartment with her sister in Manhattan.
  8. Three years ago, video of Mary Grace Hicks doing ” ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” alongside her medical crew.
  9. Mary Grace Hicks has said that she loves to work as a medical technician and gives full dedication to helping the people.
  10. The 32-year old says to have always working to push her limit and boundary while helping people when she is in the ambulance which will help someone to see the world another day.


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