Mary Morgan Ketchel Age: 10 Facts On Marsha Blackburn’s Daughter

Mary Morgan Ketchel is an American writer. She has written a children’s book which was barred from being advertised. The book was about women’s right to vote.

Mary Morgan is most popularly known as a family member, the daughter, of Marsha Blackburn. Marsha is a very popular politician and businesswoman. Her mother Marsha is serving as the junior United States Senator since 2019 from Tennessee.

Quick Facts: Mary Morgan Ketchel Age: 10 Facts On Marsha Blackburn”s Daughter

Name Mary Morgan Ketchel
Age 35-40
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Writer
Parents Marsha Blackburn and Chuck Blackburn
Siblings Chad Blackburn
Children 2 sons
Instagram @marymorganblackburnketchel

Mary Morgan’s mother represents the Republican party. Her father named is Chuck Blackburn. Her father is the founder of the International Bow Tie Society (IBTS). Her father and mother got married to each other in 1975 and they are living a very happy life to date. She lives in Brentwood with her father, mother, and sibling.

 As she is the daughter of two very famous personalities there are many people who wants to know about her age, marriage, height, weight, etc.

10 Facts About Mary Morgan Ketchel:

  1. Mary Morgan Ketchel has been well-known as the daughter of Marsha Blackburn who is a popular American politician and businessperson.
  2. We are actually totally unknown about her age but from her looks, it seems that she is currently in her thirties right now.
  3. Is she married? We also do not know about this information until today’s date.
  4. Although we do not know about her current marital status, we do know that she has a total of two sons. 
  5. Since we are unknown about her marriage, we are also unknown about her husband currently.
  6. Talking about what she does for a living, it has been known that she is a writer, However, she was recently blocked by Instagram for publishing a new children’s book along with her mother. 
  7. The name of her grandparents is Hilman Wedgeworth and Mary Jo Morgan Wedgeworth
  8. Her father’s name is Chuck Blackburn. He is the founder of IBTS.
  9. It is clear that she is not the only child of her parents as she shares a brother whose name is Chad Blackburn
  10. Mary is active on Instagram where her username is @marymorganblackburnketchel, and she has around 1260 followers there.


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