Mary Trump Net Worth: How Rich is Donald Trump Niece In 2020

What is Mary Trump Net Worth in 2020? The 55 years old niece of President Donald Trump who is professionally an American clinical psychologist and a certified life coach had always been away from the political limelight. But now, Mary Trump is getting huge popularity as she has written a book about her family and her uncle, Donald Trump. 

Who is Mary Trump?

Mary Trump’s full name is Magdalena Lamparska Trump. She is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. who is the late elder brother of President Donald Trump.

Fred Trump Jr. had died in 1981 due to a heart attack at the age of 43. Mary trump is a certified Life coach according to her Linkedin profile which has been deleted as of now.

Mary is the chief executive officer of “The Trump Coaching Group” which is based in New York City.

She has studied Bachelors in English Literature from Tufts University and Masters in English literature from Columbia University. She has also graduated with a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University.

Mary Trump and her brothers, nephews, and Donald Trump are not in good terms with each other because of the disputes aroused between them in 2000 regarding the will of her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr. He had left $100-300 million dollars to his family after his death.

She is a supporter of the democratic party and Hillary Clinton.

Mary L. Trump’s Book

Mary Trump has written a book named “Too Much and Never Enough: How my Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” which is set to be released on 14th July 2020. According to various sources, the book is said to reveal the dark history of the rich Trump family. 

The publication of the book was blocked due to the lawsuit filed by Robert Trump, who is the uncle of Mary Trump.

Robert Trump had sued to prevent the release of the book stating that Mary Trump cannot disclose anything about the family as she had signed an agreement in 2000 while settling the will of her grandfather’s property.

However, she won the case on 13th July as the Judge did not accept the arguments made by her uncle. The Judge ruled that Mary Trump is free to write anything about her family, including about the president of the USA, Donald Trump.

According to the publishers Simon and Schuster, this is a revelatory book that will uncover the lid on “a toxic family”.

Mary Trump Net Worth in 2020

The exact net worth of Mary Trump is not available currently due to a lack of sufficient data.

However, being a part of the Trump family, Mary Trump is already a high profile and rich person.

She had received some money from her grandfather’s real estate also back in 2000. In addition to that, she is a practicing American psychologist whose salary in the US is well over $100,000 p.a.

She is also a certified life coach and the CEO of “The Trump Coaching Group”. She also owns and operates a lot of businesses in the Northeastern states of the USA.

Apart from that, Mary Trump’s book has already been listed as number 4th in the top seller books on Amazon. It is because of the pre-order system, this book is one of the most in-demand books right now. So her net worth as an author of this book would be a lot higher later this year than her current net worth.

Mary Trump Husband and Family

There is no information about Mary trump’s spouse but some sources say that she is married to a woman and has a daughter. Mary Trump lives in New York City with her family.


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