Mason Milian De Bruyne

Mason Milian De Bruyne is the son of football (soccer) star and Manchester City captain Kevin De Bruyne, the Player of the Year winner in 19/20 and a world-class player overall. 

Kevin was also named the second-best footballer in the world in November 2020 by respected soccer magazine Goal. Mason is De Bruyne’s first son, with his wife Michele Lacroix. He used to take his son to various of his club’s games before the COVID crisis.  

Quick Facts: Mason Milian De Bruyne

Name Mason Milian De Bruyne
Birthday 10 March 2016
Age 4 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Belgian
Profession Family member
Parents Kevin De Bruyne and Michèle Lacroix
Siblings 2
Instagram masonmilian_official


10 Facts About Mason Milian De Bruyne

  1. Mason Milian De Bruyne’s birthday is on 10 March (2016), his age as of November 2020 is 4 years old. 
  2. He was born to parents Kevin De Bruyne and his wife Michele Lacroix. Kevin and Michele have been together since 2018. 
  3. As mentioned above, Kevin is a footballer and is one of the best players in the world, in fact, he is called the ‘Assist King’ of the Premier League.
  4. He has also shown his class in the Champion’s League, where he is currently (November 2020) the leader in assists with 4 under his belt in the competition already.  
  5. He is valued at €120.00 million ($141,871,200) as of 2020 and is one of the most valuable players in the world. 
  6. There is an Instagram account with Mason’s username but it has not been verified as official, however, he does appear on his parents’ Instagram accounts.
  7. Mason also has a younger brother named Rome De Bruyne, born on 31 October 2018, and a younger sister named Suri born in September 2020. 
  8. Kevin has featured his son in his biography ‘Keep It Simple’. 
  9. De Bruyne’s eldest son won the heart’s of Man City fans after Kevin brought him to the dugout while he was injured in August 2018.
  10. Tabloids even reported Mason trying to climb over his father’s injured leg. 





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