Masterfiend is a twitch content creator who became a familiar face in the gaming community after streaming among us gameplay on twitch. The Among Us player is very skilled and he uploads content regularly in his twitch handle. Masterfiend has not disclosed his real name to the public and he is commonly known by his stage name. The streamer regular-stream gameplay on twitch and to get connected with the viewers he does chatting regularly.

Quick Facts: Masterfiend

Name Masterfiend
Age 20-25 years old
Nationality Lebanese
Profession Twitch Streamer
Instagram Masterfiend
Twitter Masterfiends
Youtube Masterfiend

No details have been given regarding the age of the gamer Masterfiend but he may be in his early twenties. To make his gameplay entertaining Masterfiend adds a catchy background score. Masterfiend’s youtube video with the title “This is what happens when Tyler1 gets banned” has amassed 1.1M video views.

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10 Facts on Masterfiend

  1. Masterfiend is a Lebanese content creator and gamer who is also one of the famous Among Us and Minecraft gamer.
  2. On Twitch bio, Masterfiend added that we can call him Omar. That may be his real name.
  3. Before sharing streams of Among Us, Masterfiend used to play League of Legends heavily. He played the game for around 6 years
  4. The content creator and gamer run a successful youtube channel with the name Masterfiend where he has amassed 3K subscribers to date.
  5. Masterfiend’s bio says that he played Old School RuneScape(OSRS) heavily and then moved to Among Us.
  6. You will also find various epic kill compilation in Masterfiend’s youtube channel and he started uploading videos in 2008.
  7. The gamer/content creator is available on twitter with the handle master finds where he has amassed 2.7K followers.
  8. Masterfiend is currently residing in Texas, US, and holds Lebanese nationality.
  9. The gamer Masterfiend says that he plays with a trackpad which is kinda impressive.
  10. The Among Us gamer is also on Instagram with his stage name but he is not posting regular content there.


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