Meet The Members Of New TikTok House – Not a Content House

TikTok houses are common these days and it seems almost every superstar on the platform is in one, this includes, Not a Content House, the all-girl TikTok house which is made up of some of the biggest names on TikTok. 

The 6 member trio is also one of the most popular houses in the world and has a huge following all over the world. Formed in August 2020, they have already started posting videos and posts which have gathered multimillionaires, the star power of this TikTok house is not to be doubted. 

Unlike most TikTok houses, they only allow female members and have branded themselves as more than a TikTok group and as a friend group. None of the members of this group has a Wikipedia page but you can read all about them below. 

Not a Content House Members

There are six members in this content creation group, they are: 

  1. Cynthia Parker
  2. Lauren Kettering
  3. Devyn Winkler
  4. Ava Tortorici
  5. Katie Sigmond (ex-member)
  6. Madi Monroe

Further details on each members are given below.

Madi Monroe aka Madi

The second youngest member of ‘Not a Content House’, she is already one of the biggest stars on TikTok. Madi was born on January 27, 2004, to Matt Williams and Erika Monroe Williams. She is 16 years old as of September 2020. 


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The star has amassed a lot of views and is in the same tier as the top content creators like Charli D’Amelio, Avani Gregg, and Riley Lewis. Her Bio on social media accounts is as funny as some videos itself. 

Lauren Kettering

Lauren Kettering is 17 years old and was born on April 4, 2003, as per Famous Birthdays. While she may be young, her career as a TikToker started back in 2016 and she is one of the most experienced when it comes to creating content on the platform.


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In 2020, she has almost 5 million followers on her account

Devyn Winkler 

Devyn Winkler aka devvyyy_’s popularity is directly linked to her short videos on TikTok. She has made herself a celebrity by posting lip-syncs and duets on the platform,

She was also an athlete during her school years and took part in competitive volleyball too at one point. She has curly hair which sets her apart from the rest of the Not A Content House members. 

Winkler was born on September 4, 2003, and is 17 years old in 2020. She is an American as per her nationality. 

Ava Tortorici

The oldest member of the house, Ava Tortorici was born on July 26, 2000, and is 20 years old in 2020. She is the de-facto leader of the group and has prior experience as a pageant competitor. As a matter of fact, she was crowned Miss NJ Teen USA 2019.


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Due to her pageant win and TikTok account she has become one of the most popular members of the group. 

Cynthia Parker

Cynthia is the youngest member of the group. She was born on September 27, 2004, and is 16 years old as of September 2020. 

She is from Canda already has an account with more than 3 million followers. She is a dancer and regularly uploads her dance videos on the ‘cynthiaparkerrrr‘ account. 

Katie Sigmond (Ex-Member)

Katie Sigmond is a former member of the TikTok house and was kicked out after she allegedly leaked private conversations and information about a member who was sexually assaulted. 

She was born on August 2, 2002, and is 18 years old as of September 2020. She has more than 3 million followers on her TikTok account and also more than 100 million likes. 



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